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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 1/2002

Uitgave 1/2002

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01-03-2002 | Uitgave 1/2002

A Latent Variable Framework for Power Estimation Within Intervention Contexts

Terry E. Duncan, Susan C. Duncan, Lisa A. Strycker, Fuzhong Li

01-03-2002 | Uitgave 1/2002

Feasibility of a Simplified and Dynamic Bayesian System for Use in Structured Diagnostic Interviews

Bruce F. Chorpita, Letitia M. Yim, Susan A. Tracey

01-03-2002 | Uitgave 1/2002

Exposure to War Trauma, War-Related PTSD, and Psychological Impact of Subsequent Hurricane

Patricia B. Sutker, Sheila A. Corrigan, Kirsten Sundgaard-Riise, Madeline Uddo, Albert N. Allain

01-03-2002 | Uitgave 1/2002

The Influence of Income Level and Ethnicity on Coping Strategies

Phillip J. Brantley, Erin L. O'Hea, Glenn Jones, Dan J. Mehan

01-03-2002 | Uitgave 1/2002

Assessment of Panic Frequency: Reliability and Validity of a Time-Line Follow-Back Method

William A. Nelson, George A. Clum

01-03-2002 | Uitgave 1/2002

Gender Bias in the Personality Disorders Criteria: An Investigation of Five Bias Indicators

Leslie C. Morey, Megan B. Warner, Christina D. Boggs

01-03-2002 | Uitgave 1/2002

Agreement Between Parent and Teacher Ratings of Disruptive Behavior Disorders in Children with Clinically Diagnosed ADHD

Inge Antrop, Herbert Roeyers, Jaap Oosterlaan, Paulette Van Oost

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