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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Journal of Behavioral Medicine 5/2009

Uitgave 5/2009

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01-10-2009 | Uitgave 5/2009

The relationship between neuropsychological functioning and HAART adherence in HIV-positive adults: a systematic review

Travis I. Lovejoy, Julie A. Suhr

01-10-2009 | Uitgave 5/2009

Skin cancer-related prevention and screening behaviors: a review of the literature

Nadine A. Kasparian, Jordana K. McLoone, Bettina Meiser

01-10-2009 | Uitgave 5/2009

Motivation for blood donation among African Americans: developing measures for stage of change, decisional balance, and self-efficacy constructs

Caitlin Burditt, Mark L. Robbins, Andrea Paiva, Wayne F. Velicer, Beryl Koblin, Debra Kessler

01-10-2009 | Uitgave 5/2009

Toward prevention of alcohol exposed pregnancies: characteristics that relate to ineffective contraception and risky drinking

Stefania Fabbri, Leah V. Farrell, J. Kim Penberthy, Sherry Dyche Ceperich, Karen S. Ingersoll

01-10-2009 | Uitgave 5/2009

The structure of dyadic support among couples with and without long-term disability

Dvorit Gilad, Yoav Lavee, Orly Innes-Kenig

01-10-2009 | Uitgave 5/2009

Functional impairment and health care utilization among HIV-infected men who have sex with men: the relationship with depression and post-traumatic stress

Conall O’Cleirigh, Margie Skeer, Kenneth H. Mayer, Steven A. Safren

01-10-2009 | Uitgave 5/2009

The association among depressive symptoms, smoking status and antidepressant use in cardiac outpatients

Shannon Gravely-Witte, Donna E. Stewart, Neville Suskin, Sherry L. Grace

01-10-2009 | Uitgave 5/2009

Using community-based participatory research to identify potential interventions to overcome barriers to adolescents’ healthy eating and physical activity

Ying-Ying Goh, Laura M. Bogart, Bessie Ko Sipple-Asher, Kimberly Uyeda, Jennifer Hawes-Dawson, Josephina Olarita-Dhungana, Gery W. Ryan, Mark A. Schuster

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