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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Uitgave 6/2009

Inhoudsopgave (8 Artikelen)

Successful weight loss with self-help: A stepped-care approach

Robert A. Carels, Carissa B. Wott, Kathleen M. Young, Amanda Gumble, Lynn A. Darby, Marissa Wagner Oehlhof, Jessica Harper, Afton Koball

Negative emotions and quality of life six months after cardiac surgery: the dominant role of depression not anxiety symptoms

Phillip J. Tully, Robert A. Baker, Deborah A. Turnbull, Helen R. Winefield, John L. Knight

Emotional support and gender in people living with HIV: effects on psychological well-being

Victoria Gordillo, Erin M. Fekete, Tom Platteau, Michael H. Antoni, Neil Schneiderman, Christiana Nöstlinger

Investigating the role of appearance-based factors in predicting sunbathing and tanning salon use

Guy Cafri, J. Kevin Thompson, Paul B. Jacobsen, Joel Hillhouse

Pathways between socioeconomic status and modifiable risk factors among African American smokers

Darla E. Kendzor, Michael S. Businelle, Carlos A. Mazas, Ludmila M. Cofta-Woerpel, Lorraine R. Reitzel, Jennifer Irvin Vidrine, Yisheng Li, Tracy J. Costello, Paul M. Cinciripini, Jasjit S. Ahluwalia, David W. Wetter

Illness behaviors in patients with unexplained chronic fatigue are associated with significant other responses

Joan M. Romano, Mark P. Jensen, Karen B. Schmaling, Hyman Hops, Dedra S. Buchwald