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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Journal of Behavioral Medicine 1/2013

Uitgave 1/2013

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01-02-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

Relationships of hardiness to physical and mental health status in military men: a test of mediated effects

Marcus K. Taylor, Ricardo Pietrobon, John Taverniers, Matthew R. Leon, Benedict J. Fern

01-02-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

Health professional advice for smoking and weight in adults with and without diabetes: findings from BRFSS

Gillian L. Schauer, Abigail C. Halperin, Lloyd A. Mancl, Mark P. Doescher

01-02-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

A transdisciplinary approach to the selection of moderators of an exercise promotion intervention: baseline data and rationale for Colorado STRIDE

Renee E. Magnan, Renea Nilsson, Bess H. Marcus, Joseph T. Ciccolo, Angela D. Bryan

01-02-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Preference for immediate reinforcement over delayed reinforcement: relation between delay discounting and health behavior

Shane Melanko, Kevin T. Larkin

01-02-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

Racial differences in self-rated health diminishing from 1972 to 2008

Andrew J. Sarkin, Erik J. Groessl, Brendan Mulligan, Marisa Sklar, Robert M. Kaplan, Theodore G. Ganiats

01-02-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

Attachment style and coping in relation to posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms among adults living with HIV/AIDS

Cheryl Gore-Felton, Karni Ginzburg, Maggie Chartier, William Gardner, Jessica Agnew-Blais, Elizabeth McGarvey, Elizabeth Weiss, Cheryl Koopman

01-02-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

Congruence research in behavioral medicine: methodological review and demonstration of alternative methodology

L. Alison Phillips

01-02-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

Self-efficacy and barriers to multiple behavior change in low-income African Americans with hypertension

Carol L. Mansyur, Valory N. Pavlik, David J. Hyman, Wendell C. Taylor, G. Kenneth Goodrick

01-02-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

Internalized weight bias: ratings of the self, normal weight, and obese individuals and psychological maladjustment

Robert A. Carels, J. Burmeister, M. W. Oehlhof, N. Hinman, M. LeRoy, E. Bannon, A. Koball, L. Ashrafloun

01-02-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

Deliberative and spontaneous cognitive processes associated with HIV risk behavior

Jerry L. Grenard, Susan L. Ames, Alan W. Stacy

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