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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Journal of Behavioral Medicine 2/2013

Uitgave 2/2013

Inhoudsopgave ( 10 Artikelen )

01-04-2013 | Uitgave 2/2013

Adolescent sunscreen use in springtime: a prospective predictive study informed by a belief elicitation investigation

V. Araujo-Soares, A. Rodrigues, J. Presseau, F. F. Sniehotta

01-04-2013 | Uitgave 2/2013

Purpose in life and reduced risk of myocardial infarction among older U.S. adults with coronary heart disease: a two-year follow-up

Eric S. Kim, Jennifer K. Sun, Nansook Park, Laura D. Kubzansky, Christopher Peterson

01-04-2013 | Uitgave 2/2013

Impaired cerebral and systemic hemodynamics under cognitive load in young hypotensives: a transcranial Doppler study

Michela Sarlo, Massimiliano de Zambotti, Germano Gallicchio, Andrea Devigili, Luciano Stegagno

01-04-2013 | Uitgave 2/2013

Depressive symptoms and serum lipid levels in young adult women

Carolyn Y. Fang, Brian L. Egleston, Kelley Pettee Gabriel, Victor J. Stevens, Peter O. Kwiterovich Jr., Linda G. Snetselaar, Margaret L. Longacre, Joanne F. Dorgan

01-04-2013 | Uitgave 2/2013

Conscientiousness and stress exposure and reactivity: a prospective study of adolescent females

Michael L. M. Murphy, Gregory E. Miller, Carsten Wrosch

01-04-2013 | Uitgave 2/2013

Testing the relation between dispositional optimism and conditioned pain modulation: does ethnicity matter?

Burel R. Goodin, Tarek Kronfli, Christopher D. King, Toni L. Glover, Kimberly Sibille, Roger B. Fillingim

01-04-2013 | Uitgave 2/2013

Self-medication among traumatized youth: structural equation modeling of pathways between trauma history, substance misuse, and psychological distress

Eric L. Garland, Carrie Pettus-Davis, Matthew O. Howard

01-04-2013 | Uitgave 2/2013

Posttraumatic growth in patients who survived cardiac surgery: the predictive and mediating roles of faith-based factors

Amy L. Ai, Daniel Hall, Kenneth Pargament, Terrence N. Tice

01-04-2013 | Uitgave 2/2013

Adults with cardiovascular disease who help others: a prospective study of health outcomes

Michele Heisler, HwaJung Choi, John D. Piette, AnnMarie Rosland, Kenneth M. Langa, Stephanie Brown

01-04-2013 | Uitgave 2/2013

Randomized controlled trial on the long-term efficacy of a multifaceted, interdisciplinary lifestyle intervention in reducing cardiovascular risk and improving lifestyle in patients at risk of cardiovascular disease

Lysanne Goyer, Robert Dufour, Caroline Janelle, Chantal Blais, Christine L’Abbé, Émilie Raymond, Jacques de Champlain, Pierre Larochelle

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