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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 3/2012

Inhoudsopgave (17 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Lack of Correlation Between Metallic Elements Analyzed in Hair by ICP-MS and Autism

Giuseppe De Palma, Simona Catalani, Anna Franco, Maurizio Brighenti, Pietro Apostoli

Original Paper

Social Competence Intervention for Elementary Students with Aspergers Syndrome and High Functioning Autism

Janine P. Stichter, Karen V. O’Connor, Melissa J. Herzog, Kristin Lierheimer, Stephanie D. McGhee

Original Paper

Metabolic Imbalance Associated with Methylation Dysregulation and Oxidative Damage in Children with Autism

Stepan Melnyk, George J. Fuchs, Eldon Schulz, Maya Lopez, Stephen G. Kahler, Jill J. Fussell, Jayne Bellando, Oleksandra Pavliv, Shannon Rose, Lisa Seidel, David W. Gaylor, S. Jill James

Original paper

Using Explicit Instruction to Teach Science Descriptors to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Victoria F. Knight, Bethany R. Smith, Fred Spooner, Diane Browder

Original Paper

Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Do Not Preferentially Attend to Biological Motion

Dagmara Annaz, Ruth Campbell, Mike Coleman, Elizabeth Milne, John Swettenham

Orginal paper

Neurocognitive and Behavioral Outcomes of Younger Siblings of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder at Age Five

Zachary E. Warren, Jennifer H. Foss-Feig, Elizabeth E. Malesa, Evon Batey Lee, Julie Lounds Taylor, Cassandra R. Newsom, Julie Crittendon, Wendy L. Stone

Original paper

Measures of Cortical Grey Matter Structure and Development in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Kathleen M. Mak-Fan, Margot J. Taylor, Wendy Roberts, Jason P. Lerch

Original paper

Time Trends in Reported Autism Spectrum Disorders in Israel, 1986–2005

Gilad Gal, Lili Abiri, Abraham Reichenberg, Lidia Gabis, Raz Gross

original paper

Design and Subject Characteristics in the Federally-Funded Citalopram Trial in Children with Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Lawrence Scahill, James T. McCracken, Karen Bearss, Fay Robinson, Eric Hollander, Bryan King, Joel Bregman, Lin Sikich, Kimberly Dukes, Lisa Sullivan, Evdokia Anagnostou, Craig Donnelly, Young-Shin Kim, Louise Ritz, Deborah Hirtz, Ann Wagner

Brief Report

Brief Report: Mediation of Treatment Effect in a Communication Intervention for Pre-School Children with Autism

Catherine Aldred, Jonathan Green, Richard Emsley, Helen McConachie

Brief Report

Brief Report: The Autism Mental Status Examination: Development of a Brief Autism-Focused Exam

David Grodberg, Paige M. Weinger, Alexander Kolevzon, Latha Soorya, Joseph D. Buxbaum

Brief Report

Brief Report: Life History and Neuropathology of a Gifted Man with Asperger Syndrome

Karen M. Weidenheim, Alfonso Escobar, Isabelle Rapin