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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 5/1997

Uitgave 5/1997

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01-10-1997 | Uitgave 5/1997

The Abstinence Violation Effect Following Smoking Lapses and Temptations

Saul Shiffman, Mary Hickcox, Jean A. Paty, Maryann Gnys, Jon D. Kassel, Thomas J. Richards

01-10-1997 | Uitgave 5/1997

Effects of Manipulated Cognitive and Attributional Set on Pain Tolerance

Joel Goldberg, Matisyohu Weisenberg, Sergio Drobkin, Mordechai Blittner, K. Gunnar Gotestam

01-10-1997 | Uitgave 5/1997

Expecting That Alcohol Use Will Reduce Social Anxiety Moderates the Relation Between Social Anxiety and Alcohol Consumption

Giao Q. Tran, David A. F. Haaga, Dianne L. Chambless

01-10-1997 | Uitgave 5/1997

Thought Suppression, Catastrophizing, and Pain

Michael J. L. Sullivan, David Rouse, Scott Bishop, Sheila Johnston

01-10-1997 | Uitgave 5/1997

Labile Self-Esteem, Life Stress, and Depressive Symptoms: Prospective Data Testing A Model of Vulnerability

John E. Roberts, Jon D. Kassel

01-10-1997 | Note | Uitgave 5/1997

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