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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 4/1998

Uitgave 4/1998

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01-08-1998 | Introduction | Uitgave 4/1998

Special Issue: Cognitive Processes and Vulnerability to Affective Problems

Rick Ingram

01-08-1998 | Uitgave 4/1998

Hopelessness Theory of Depression: Tests of the Symptom Component

Lauren B. Alloy, Caroline M. Clements

01-08-1998 | Uitgave 4/1998

Dysfunctional Attitudes and Vulnerability to Depressive Symptoms: A 14-Week Longitudinal Study

Benjamin M. Dykman, Michael Johll

01-08-1998 | Uitgave 4/1998

Sociotropy and Autonomy as Vulnerabilities to Specific Life Events: Issues in Life Event Categorization

Paul Kwon, Mark A. Whisman

01-08-1998 | Uitgave 4/1998

Mood Matters: Negative Mood Induction Activates Dysfunctional Attitudes in Women Vulnerable to Depression

Miranda Jeanne, James J. Gross, Jacqueline B. Persons, Judy Hahn

01-08-1998 | Uitgave 4/1998

Perceptions of Parenting and Depression-Proneness in the Offspring: Dysfunctional Attitudes as a Mediating Mechanism

John J. Randolph, Benjamin M. Dykman

01-08-1998 | Uitgave 4/1998

Ruminative Response Style and Vulnerability to Episodes of Dysphoria: Gender, Neuroticism, and Episode Duration

John E. Roberts, Eva Gilboa, Ian H. Gotlib

01-08-1998 | Note | Uitgave 4/1998

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