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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 2/2004

Uitgave 2/2004

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01-04-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Therapist Competence and Outcome of Cognitive Therapy for Depression

Chris Trepka, Anne Rees, David A. Shapiro, Gillian E. Hardy, Michael Barkham

01-04-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Cognitive Distortions in the Dual Diagnosis of PTSD and Substance Use Disorder

Lisa M. Najavits, Silke Gotthardt, Roger D. Weiss, Marina Epstein

01-04-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Goal Appraisals and Vulnerability to Bipolar Disorder: A Personal Projects Analysis

Björn Meyer, Christopher G. Beevers, Sheri L. Johnson

01-04-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Self-Concealment as a Mediator in the Relationship Between Perfectionism and Psychological Distress

Kathleen Y. Kawamura, Randy O. Frost

01-04-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Benzodiazepine Use Associated with Decreased Memory for Psychoeducation Material in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Panic Disorder

Henny A. Westra, Sherry H. Stewart, Michael Teehan, Karen Johl, David J. A. Dozois, Todd Hill

01-04-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

The Use of Negative Events to Prime Cognitive Vulnerability to Depression

John R. Z. Abela, Karen Brozina

01-04-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Experimental and Psychotherapeutic Demand Characteristics and the Cognitive Therapy Rationale: An Analogue Study

Jonathan W. Kanter, Robert J. Kohlenberg, Elizabeth F. Loftus

01-04-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Cognitions in Compulsive Buying and Acquisition

M. Kyrios, R. O. Frost, G. Steketee

01-04-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Obsessive–Compulsive Symptoms and the Expression of Anger

Stephen P. Whiteside, Jonathan S. Abramowitz

01-04-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Chronic Worry as Avoidance of Arousal

Louis B. Laguna, Lindsay S. Ham, Debra A. Hope, Christopher Bell

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