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Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review

Uitgave 4/2023

Inhoudsopgave (15 Artikelen)

Propelling the Global Advancement of School Mental Health

Mark D. Weist, Sharon A. Hoover, Brian P. Daly, Kathy H. Short, Eric J. Bruns

Preschool Programs that Help Families Promote Child Social-Emotional School Readiness: Promising New Strategies

Karen L. Bierman, Elizabeth A. Stormshak, Morgan D. Mannweiler, Katherine A. Hails

Why Suicide? Suicide Propinquity and Adolescent Risk for Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors

Matthew G. Clayton, Olivia H. Pollak, Mitchell J. Prinstein

Opening the Black Box of Family-Based Treatments: An Artificial Intelligence Framework to Examine Therapeutic Alliance and Therapist Empathy

Phillippe B. Cunningham, Jordon Gilmore, Sylvie Naar, Stephanie D. Preston, Catherine F. Eubanks, Nina Christina Hubig, Jerome McClendon, Samiran Ghosh, Stacy Ryan-Pettes

Open Access

Are We Ready to Really Hear the Voices of Those Concerned? Lessons Learned from Listening to and Involving Children in Child and Family Psychology Research

Anna Sarkadi, Maria Thell, Karin Fängström, Anton Dahlberg, Anna Fäldt, Anna Pérez-Aronsson, Georgina Warner, Maria Eriksson

An Integrative Model of Youth Anxiety: Cognitive-Affective Processes and Parenting in Developmental Context

Kristy Benoit Allen, Patricia Z. Tan, Jacqueline A. Sullivan, Megan Baumgardner, Hannah Hunter, Samantha Noose Glovak

Open Access

Need for Sexual, Reproductive, and Mental Health Promotion Among Diverse College Students in a COVID-19 Era

Michele Cooley-Strickland, Gail E. Wyatt, Tamra Burns Loeb, Lisa A. Nicholas, Amber Smith-Clapham, Amina Hamman, Misha Abraham, Enricka Norwood Scott, Graciela Albarran