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Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review

Uitgave 1/2024

Inhoudsopgave (10 Artikelen)

Open Access

Emotion Regulation, Parenting, and Psychopathology: A Systematic Review

Jana Zitzmann, Larissa Rombold-George, Charlotte Rosenbach, Babette Renneberg

Open Access

Universal Digital Programs for Promoting Mental and Relational Health for Parents of Young Children: A Systematic Review and Meta‐Analysis

Jessica E. Opie, Timothy B. Esler, Elizabeth M. Clancy, Bradley Wright, Felicity Painter, An Vuong, Anna T. Booth, Louise Newman, Ange Johns-Hayden, Mohajer Hameed, Leesa Hooker, Craig Olsson, Jennifer E. McIntosh

Observation of Early Social Interactions in Sibling Dyads: A Systematic Review

Margarita Quesada-Zeljkovic, Ruth Campos, Carmen Nieto

Open Access

Implementation of Parenting Programs in Real-World Community Settings: A Scoping Review

Rita Pinto, Catarina Canário, Patty Leijten, Maria José Rodrigo, Orlanda Cruz

Open Access

Predictors of Health-Related Quality of Life in Neurodivergent Children: A Systematic Review

Maryam Mahjoob, Tithi Paul, Julia Carbone, Harshit Bokadia, Robyn E. Cardy, Souraiya Kassam, Evdokia Anagnostou, Brendan F. Andrade, Melanie Penner, Azadeh Kushki

Open Access

Emotion Recognition Deficits in Children and Adolescents with Psychopathic Traits: A Systematic Review

Beatriz Díaz-Vázquez, Laura López-Romero, Estrella Romero

Open Access

The Relationship Between Negative Self-Concept, Trauma, and Maltreatment in Children and Adolescents: A Meta-Analysis

Daniela M. Melamed, Jessica Botting, Katie Lofthouse, Laura Pass, Richard Meiser-Stedman

Open Access

Parenting Practices and Externalizing Behaviors in Autistic Children: A Systematic Literature Review

Vedanta Suvarna, Lara Farrell, Dawn Adams, Lisa-Marie Emerson, Jessica Paynter

Open Access

Systematic Review: Patient and Public Involvement of Children and Young People in Mental Health Research

Christina Totzeck, Anna Swantje van der Meer, Hanna Christiansen, Friederike Durlach, Kira Li Sanchez, Silvia Schneider