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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 4/2005

Inhoudsopgave (28 Artikelen)

Assessing a conceptual framework of health-related quality of life in a HIV/AIDS population

Damon J. Vidrine, Benjamin C. Amick III, Ellen R. Gritz, Roberto C. Arduino

Sleep quality and health-related quality of life in HIV-infected African-American women of childbearing age

Kenneth D. Phillips, Richard L. Sowell, Mary Boyd, Wesley D. Dudgeon, Gregory A. Hand, The Mind–Body Research Group

The relationship between lipodystrophy-associated body changes and measures of quality of life and mental health for HIV-positive adults

Robert Burgoyne, Evan Collins, Cheryl Wagner, Susan Abbey, Mark Halman, Margaret Nur, Sharon Walmsley

Assessing Quality of Life in Adult Cancer Survivors (QLACS)

Nancy E. Avis, Kevin W. Smith, Sarah McGraw, Roselyn G. Smith, Vida M. Petronis, Charles S. Carver

Validation of the care notebook for measuring physical, mental and life well-being of patients with cancer

Kunihiko Kobayashi, Joseph Green, Mari Shimonagayoshi, Noriaki Kanemoto, Ryo Kasai, Yoichi Itoh, Yuki Fujiki, Yasuo Ohashi, Carolyn Gotay, Shoji Kudoh

Proxy assessment of quality of life in pediatric clinical trials: Application of the Health Utilities Index 3

Cheryl L. Cox, Shelly Lensing, Shesh N. Rai, Pam Hinds, Elizabeth Burghen, Ching-Hon Pui

Health-related quality of life of mothers of children with leukemia in Japan

Shin Yamazaki, Shigeru Sokejima, Tetsuya Mizoue, Akira Eboshida, Shunichi Fukuhara

Health state preference scores of children with spina bifida and their caregivers

John M. Tilford, Scott D. Grosse, James M. Robbins, Jeffrey M. Pyne, Mario A. Cleves, Charlotte A. Hobbs

Is a family equal to the sum of its parts? Estimating family-level well-being for cost-effectiveness analysis

Amy E. Bonomi, Denise M. Boudreau, Paul A. Fishman, Richard T. Meenan, Dennis A. Revicki


Family-level cost-effectiveness analysis: Response to Holmes’ commentary

Amy E. Bonomi, Paul A. Fishman, Denise M. Boudreau, Richard T. Meenan, Dennis Revicki

The impact of non-traumatic hip and knee disorders on health-related quality of life as measured with the SF-36 or SF-12. A systematic review

Johanna M. van der Waal, Caroline B. Terwee, Daniëlle A. W. M. van der Windt, Lex M. Bouter, Joost Dekker

Health-related quality of life and health utility for the institutional elderly in Taiwan

Kuan-Lang Lai, Rong-Jye Tzeng, Bing-Long Wang, Hong-Shen Lee, Roger L. Amidon, Senyeong Kao

Brief communication

Brief communication: The Chinese medical interview satisfaction scale-revised (C-MISS-R): Development and validation

W. W. T. Lam, R. Fielding, Louis Chow, Miranda Chan, Gabriel M. Leung, Ella Y. Y. Ho

Book review

Introduction to Nonparametric Item Response Theory

Morten Aa. Petersen