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Netherlands Heart Journal

Netherlands Heart Journal 11/2010

Uitgave 11/2010

Inhoudsopgave ( 11 Artikelen )

01-11-2010 | Editor’s Page | Uitgave 11/2010

New guidelines for the management of atrial fibrillation: what’s new?

E.E. van der Wall

01-11-2010 | Editorial | Uitgave 11/2010

Not too old to be closed…

B.J.M. Mulder

01-11-2010 | Editorial | Uitgave 11/2010

Upstream therapy in patients with early atrial fibrillation

The relevance of the Routine versus Aggressive upstream rhythm Control for prevention of Early atrial fibrillation in heart failure (RACE 3) study
I.C. Van Gelder, M.D. Smit, M. Alings, H.J.G.M. Crijns

01-11-2010 | Original Article | Uitgave 11/2010

Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in daily practice in a peripheral medical centre: description of the first 383 patients

C.P.H. Lexis, B.M. Rahel, H. van Langen, M.A.S. Lexis, G.A. Hoffland, P.J.M. Post, J.G. Meeder

01-11-2010 | Original article | Uitgave 11/2010

Proximal embolic protection in patients undergoing primary angioplasty for acute myocardial infarction (PREPARE): core lab adjudicated angiographic outcomes of a randomised controlled trial

J.D.E. Haeck, K.T. Koch, Y.L. Gu, L. Bilodeau, W.J. Kuijt, K.D. Sjauw, Henriques J.P.S., Jr. J. Baan, M.M. Vis, N.J.W. Verouden, M. Groenink, J.J. Piek, J.G.P. Tijssen, M.W. Krucoff, F. Zijlstra, R.J. de Winter

01-11-2010 | Original article | Uitgave 11/2010

Transcatheter device closure of atrial septal defects in patients aged 40 years and older

T. Altindag, J.W. Roos-Hesselink, J.A.A.E Cuypers, R. van Domburg, P.P.T de Jaegere, F.J. Meijboom, M. Witsenburg

01-11-2010 | Review Article | Uitgave 11/2010

Efficacy of diagnostic tools for detecting cardiac arrhythmias: systematic literature search

E. Hoefman, P.J.E. Bindels, H.C.P.M. van Weert

01-11-2010 | Case report | Uitgave 11/2010

The tale of the three sisters

J. Liu, M.J. Cramer, G.E. Leenders, J. Zhao, P.A. Doevendans, P.G. Melman

01-11-2010 | Imaging in Cardiology | Uitgave 11/2010

A retrocardiac mass unveiled by a can of soda

F.M. van de Sandt, C.L.A. Reichert

01-11-2010 | Rhythm Puzzle | Uitgave 11/2010

An interesting electrocardiogram

Zhili Li, Wei Zhang, Yongfei Ai

01-11-2010 | Medicina Antiqua | Uitgave 11/2010

Chest pain and angina pectoris – or the ugly swan and the beautiful duckling

C. van Tellingen

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