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Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy

Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy 4/2018

Uitgave 4/2018

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11-09-2018 | Uitgave 4/2018

The Manager as Coach: Cross-Cultural Adaptation of an Instrument Assessing Managers’ Coaching Skills

Andreea Munteanu, Lucia Raţiu

29-01-2018 | Uitgave 4/2018

Symptom Attributions Across the Menstrual Cycle in Women with Panic Disorder

Emily A. P. Haigh, Julia R. Craner, Sandra T. Sigmon, K. Lira Yoon, Geoffrey L. Thorpe

01-02-2018 | Uitgave 4/2018

Interactive Effects of Looming Cognitive Style and Maladaptive Perfectionism on Trait Anxiety

Ayşe Altan-Atalay

15-02-2018 | Uitgave 4/2018

Mental Illness: Fact or Myth? Revisiting the Debate Between Albert Ellis and Thomas Szasz

Robert Spillane

27-02-2018 | Uitgave 4/2018

Clarifying a Construct: An Integrative Functional Model of Reassurance-Seeking Behaviors

Dodie A. Gillett, Steven J. Mazza

13-04-2018 | Uitgave 4/2018 Open Access

A Historical and Theoretical Review of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies: From Structural Self-Knowledge to Functional Processes

Giovanni M. Ruggiero, Marcantonio M. Spada, Gabriele Caselli, Sandra Sassaroli

10-04-2018 | Uitgave 4/2018

Disputing Irrational Beliefs Among Convicted Terrorists and Extremist Beliefs

Basim Aldahadha

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