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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Journal of Behavioral Medicine 4/2007

Uitgave 4/2007

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01-08-2007 | Uitgave 4/2007

Religiosity/Spirituality and Behavioral Medicine: Investigations Concerning the Integration of Spirit with Body

Kevin S. Masters

01-08-2007 | Uitgave 4/2007

Forgiveness, Health, and Well-Being: A Review of Evidence for Emotional Versus Decisional Forgiveness, Dispositional Forgivingness, and Reduced Unforgiveness

Everett L. Worthington Jr, Charlotte Van Oyen Witvliet, Pietro Pietrini, Andrea J. Miller

01-08-2007 | Uitgave 4/2007

Physiological Mechanisms Involved in Religiosity/Spirituality and Health

Kevin S. Seybold

01-08-2007 | Uitgave 4/2007

Exploring the Relationship between Spirituality, Coping, and Pain

Amy B. Wachholtz, Michelle J. Pearce, Harold Koenig

01-08-2007 | Uitgave 4/2007

Religiousness/Spirituality and Health: A Meaning Systems Perspective

Crystal L. Park

01-08-2007 | Uitgave 4/2007

Prayer and Health: Review, Meta-Analysis, and Research Agenda

Kevin S. Masters, Glen I. Spielmans

01-08-2007 | Uitgave 4/2007

A Prospective Investigation of Acceptance and Control-Oriented Coping with Chronic Pain

Lance M. McCracken, Kevin E. Vowles, Jeremy Gauntlett-Gilbert

01-08-2007 | Uitgave 4/2007

Attribution of Blame, Self-forgiving Attitude and Psychological Adjustment in Women with Breast Cancer

Lois C. Friedman, Catherine Romero, Richard Elledge, Jenny Chang, Mamta Kalidas, Mario F. Dulay, Garrett R. Lynch, C. Kent Osborne

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