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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 5/2002

Uitgave 5/2002

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01-10-2002 | Uitgave 5/2002

Editorial Preface

01-10-2002 | Uitgave 5/2002

Interventions to Facilitate Social Interaction for Young Children with Autism: Review of Available Research and Recommendations for Educational Intervention and Future Research

Scott R. McConnell

01-10-2002 | Uitgave 5/2002

Communication Intervention for Children with Autism: A Review of Treatment Efficacy

Howard Goldstein

01-10-2002 | Uitgave 5/2002

Efficacy of Sensory and Motor Interventions for Children with Autism

Grace T. Baranek

01-10-2002 | Uitgave 5/2002

Problem Behavior Interventions for Young Children with Autism: A Research Synthesis

Robert H. Horner, Edward G. Carr, Phillip S. Strain, Anne W. Todd, Holly K. Reed

01-10-2002 | Uitgave 5/2002

Assessing Change in Early Intervention Programs for Children with Autism

Connie Kasari

01-10-2002 | Uitgave 5/2002

Measures in Intervention Research with Young Children Who Have Autism

Mark Wolery, Ann N. Garfinkle

01-10-2002 | Uitgave 5/2002

A Brief Overview of Special Education Law with Focus on Autism

H. Rutherford Turnbull III, Brennan L. Wilcox, Matthew J. Stowe

01-10-2002 | Uitgave 5/2002

The Impact of the Legal System on Educational Programming for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Myrna R. Mandlawitz

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