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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 1/2014

Uitgave 1/2014

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01-01-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Sluggish Cognitive Tempo in Abnormal Child Psychology: An Historical Overview and Introduction to the Special Section

Stephen P. Becker, Stephen A. Marshall, Keith McBurnett

01-01-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Validity of the Sluggish Cognitive Tempo Symptom Dimension in Children: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo and ADHD-Inattention as Distinct Symptom Dimensions

SoYean Lee, G. Leonard Burns, Jerry Snell, Keith McBurnett

01-01-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

The Internal and External Validity of Sluggish Cognitive Tempo and its Relation with DSM–IV ADHD

Erik G. Willcutt, Nomita Chhabildas, Mikaela Kinnear, John C. DeFries, Richard K. Olson, Daniel R. Leopold, Janice M. Keenan, Bruce F. Pennington

01-01-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Structure and Validity of Sluggish Cognitive Tempo Using an Expanded Item Pool in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Keith McBurnett, Miguel Villodas, G. Leonard Burns, Stephen P. Hinshaw, Allyson Beaulieu, Linda J. Pfiffner

01-01-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Sluggish Cognitive Tempo in Psychiatrically Hospitalized Children: Factor Structure and Relations to Internalizing Symptoms, Social Problems, and Observed Behavioral Dysregulation

Stephen P. Becker, Aaron M. Luebbe, Paula J. Fite, Laura Stoppelbein, Leilani Greening

01-01-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

A Twin Study of the Relationships among Inattention, Hyperactivity/Impulsivity and Sluggish Cognitive Tempo Problems

Sara Moruzzi, Fruhlling Rijsdijk, Marco Battaglia

01-01-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Social and Academic Impairment in Youth with ADHD, Predominately Inattentive Type and Sluggish Cognitive Tempo

Stephen A. Marshall, Steven W. Evans, Ricardo B. Eiraldi, Stephen P. Becker, Thomas J. Power

01-01-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

The Association Between Sluggish Cognitive Tempo and Academic Functioning in Youth with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Joshua M. Langberg, Stephen P. Becker, Melissa R. Dvorsky

01-01-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

The Relationship Between Sluggish Cognitive Tempo and Impairment in Children With and Without ADHD

Yuko Watabe, Julie Sarno Owens, Steven W. Evans, Nicole Evangelista Brandt

01-01-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (Concentration Deficit Disorder?): Current Status, Future Directions, and a Plea to Change the Name

Russell A. Barkley

01-01-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

The Separation of ADHD Inattention and Hyperactivity-Impulsivity Symptoms: Pathways from Genetic Effects to Cognitive Impairments and Symptoms

Jonna Kuntsi, Rebecca Pinto, Thomas S. Price, Jaap J. van der Meere, Alexis C. Frazier-Wood, Philip Asherson

01-01-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Cognitive Vulnerability to Depressive Symptoms in Children: The Protective Role of Self-efficacy Beliefs in a Multi-Wave Longitudinal Study

Patrizia Steca, J. R. Z. Abela, D. Monzani, A. Greco, N. A. Hazel, B. L. Hankin

01-01-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Linking Peer Victimization to the Development of Depressive Self-Schemas in Children and Adolescents

David A. Cole, Tammy L. Dukewich, Kathryn Roeder, Keneisha R. Sinclair, Jessica McMillan, Elizabeth Will, Sarah A. Bilsky, Nina C. Martin, Julia W. Felton

01-01-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Associations Between Maternal Mental Health and Child Emotional and Behavioral Problems: Does Prenatal Mental Health Matter?

Julie A. Leis, Jon Heron, Elizabeth A. Stuart, Tamar Mendelson

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