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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 8/2013

Uitgave 8/2013

Academic Achievement and Violence Exposure

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01-11-2013 | Uitgave 8/2013

The Link Between Childhood Exposure to Violence and Academic Achievement: Complex Pathways

Tracy Vaillancourt, Patricia McDougall

01-11-2013 | Uitgave 8/2013

Violence Exposure, Sleep Disturbance, and Poor Academic Performance in Middle School

Stephen J. Lepore, Wendy Kliewer

01-11-2013 | Uitgave 8/2013

The Unique and Interactive Contributions of Peer Victimization and Teacher-Child Relationships to Children’s School Adjustment

Wendy Troop-Gordon, Kayla J. Kuntz

01-11-2013 | Uitgave 8/2013

Longitudinal Links Between Childhood Peer Victimization, Internalizing and Externalizing Problems, and Academic Functioning: Developmental Cascades

Tracy Vaillancourt, Heather L. Brittain, Patricia McDougall, Eric Duku

01-11-2013 | Uitgave 8/2013

Costs and Benefits of Bullying in the Context of the Peer Group: A Three Wave Longitudinal Analysis

Albert Reijntjes, Marjolijn Vermande, Tjeert Olthof, Frits A. Goossens, Rens van de Schoot, Liesbeth Aleva, Matty van der Meulen

01-11-2013 | Uitgave 8/2013

School Connectedness and Problematic Internet Use in Adolescents: A Moderated Mediation Model of Deviant Peer Affiliation and Self-Control

Dongping Li, Xian Li, Yanhui Wang, Liyan Zhao, Zhenzhou Bao, Fangfang Wen

01-11-2013 | Uitgave 8/2013

Neurophysiological Markers That Predict and Track Treatment Outcomes in Childhood Anxiety

Kathryn M. Hum, Katharina Manassis, Marc D. Lewis

01-11-2013 | Uitgave 8/2013

Increased Error-Related Brain Activity in Six-Year-Old Children with Clinical Anxiety

Alexandria Meyer, Greg Hajcak, Dana C. Torpey, Autumn Kujawa, Jiyon Kim, Sara Bufferd, Gabrielle Carlson, Daniel N. Klein

01-11-2013 | Uitgave 8/2013

Comparisons Across Depression Assessment Instruments in Adolescence and Young Adulthood: An Item Response Theory Study Using Two Linking Methods

Thomas M. Olino, Lan Yu, Dana L. McMakin, Erika E. Forbes, John R. Seeley, Peter M. Lewinsohn, Paul A. Pilkonis

01-11-2013 | Uitgave 8/2013

A Direct Method of Assessing Underlying Cognitive Risk for Adolescent Depression

Adhip Rawal, Stephan Collishaw, Anita Thapar, Frances Rice

01-11-2013 | Uitgave 8/2013

Genetic and Environmental Influences on Adolescent Rumination and its Association with Depressive Symptoms

Jie Chen, Xinying Li

01-11-2013 | Uitgave 8/2013

Early Exposure to Parental Depression and Parenting: Associations with Young Offspring’s Stress Physiology and Oppositional Behavior

Lea R. Dougherty, Marissa R. Tolep, Victoria C. Smith, Suzanne Rose

01-11-2013 | Uitgave 8/2013

Behavior Problems in Middle Childhood: The Predictive Role of Maternal Distress, Child Attachment, and Mother-Child Interactions

Karine Dubois-Comtois, Ellen Moss, Chantal Cyr, Katherine Pascuzzo

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