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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 4/2004

Uitgave 4/2004

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01-08-2004 | Preface | Uitgave 4/2004

Editorial Preface

Tony Charman

01-08-2004 | Uitgave 4/2004

The Very Early Identification of Autism: Outcome to Age 41/2–5

Linda C. Eaves, Helena H. Ho

01-08-2004 | Uitgave 4/2004

Psychiatric Symptoms in Preschool Children with PDD and Clinic and Comparison Samples

Kenneth D. Gadow, Carla J. DeVincent, John Pomeroy, Allen Azizian

01-08-2004 | Uitgave 4/2004

Effects on Communicative Requesting and Speech Development of the Picture Exchange Communication System in Children with Characteristics of Autism

Jennifer B. Ganz, Richard L. Simpson

01-08-2004 | Uitgave 4/2004

Teaching VOCA Use as a Communicative Repair Strategy

Jeff Sigafoos, Eric Drasgow, James W. Halle, Mark O'Reilly, Sue Seely-York, Chaturi Edrisinha, Alonzo Andrews

01-08-2004 | Uitgave 4/2004

Alternative Seating for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Effects on Classroom Behavior

Denise Lynn Schilling, Ilene S. Schwartz

01-08-2004 | Uitgave 4/2004

A Comparison of Eating Behaviors Between Children with and Without Autism

Kimberly A. Schreck, Keith Williams, Angela F. Smith

01-08-2004 | Uitgave 4/2004

Self-Regulation and Affective Expression During Play in Children with Autism or Down Syndrome: A Short-Term Longitudinal Study

Andrea A. Bieberich, Sam B. Morgan

01-08-2004 | Uitgave 4/2004

The Use and Understanding of Virtual Environments by Adolescents with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Sarah Parsons, Peter Mitchell, Anne Leonard

01-08-2004 | Uitgave 4/2004

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