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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 1/2004

Uitgave 1/2004

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01-02-2004 | Uitgave 1/2004

Adolescents React to the Events of September 11, 2001: Focused Versus Ambient Impact

Carol K. Whalen, Barbara Henker, Pamela S. King, Larry D. Jamner, Linda Levine

01-02-2004 | Uitgave 1/2004

A Test of the Tripartite Model of Anxiety and Depression in Elementary and High School Boys and Girls

Heather A. K. Jacques, Eric J. Mash

01-02-2004 | Uitgave 1/2004

Variations in Anxiety and Depression as a Function of ADHD Subtypes Defined by DSM-IV: Do Subtype Differences Exist or Not?

Thomas J. Power, Tracy E. Costigan, Ricardo B. Eiraldi, Stephen S. Leff

01-02-2004 | Uitgave 1/2004

Nine Months of Multicomponent Behavioral Treatment for ADHD and Effectiveness of MTA Fading Procedures

L. Eugene Arnold, Shirley Chuang, Mark Davies, Howard B. Abikoff, C. Keith Conners, Glen R. Elliott, Laurence L. Greenhill, Lily Hechtman, Stephen P. Hinshaw, Betsy Hoza, Peter S. Jensen, Helena C. Kraemer, Kristen S. Langworthy-Lam, John S. March, Jeffrey H. Newcorn, William E. Pelham, Joanne B. Severe, James M. Swanson, Benedetto Vitiello, Karen C. Wells, Timothy Wigal

01-02-2004 | Uitgave 1/2004

Choosing or Being Chosen by Aggressive–Disruptive Peers: Do They Contribute to Children's Externalizing and Internalizing Problems?

Sylvie Mrug, Betsy Hoza, William M. Bukowski

01-02-2004 | Uitgave 1/2004

Pitfalls of the Peer World: How Children Cope with Common Rejection Experiences

Marlene J. Sandstrom

01-02-2004 | Uitgave 1/2004

Parent-Child Interactions in Relation to Critical and Emotionally Overinvolved Expressed Emotion (EE): Is EE a Proxy for Behavior?

Carolyn A. McCarty, Anna S. Lau, Sylvia M. Valeri, John R. Weisz

01-02-2004 | Uitgave 1/2004

The Structure of Negative Self-Statements in Children and Adolescents: A Confirmatory Factor-Analytic Approach

Carolyn A. Schniering, Ronald M. Rapee

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