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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology 2/2022
Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Uitgave 2/2022

Transdiagnostic Implications of Parental Socialization of Child and Adolescent Emotions (Part 2)


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A Multi-Method Investigation of Parental Responses to Youth Emotion: Prospective Effects on Emotion Dysregulation and Reactive Aggression in Daily Life
A. L. Byrd, V. Vine, O. A. Frigoletto, S. Vanwoerden, S. D. Stepp


Development and Validation of the Parental Assistance with Child Emotion Regulation (PACER) Questionnaire
Emily M. Cohodes, David A. Preece, Sarah McCauley, Marisa K. Rogers, James J. Gross, Dylan G. Gee


Effects of Parent Emotion Socialization on the Neurobiology Underlying Adolescent Emotion Processing: A Multimethod fMRI Study
Kelly T. Cosgrove, Kara L. Kerr, Erin L. Ratliff, Andrew J. Moore, Masaya Misaki, Danielle C. DeVille, Robin L. Aupperle, W. Kyle Simmons, Jerzy Bodurka, Amanda Sheffield Morris


When is Parental Suppression of Black Children’s Negative Emotions Adaptive? The Role of Preparation for Racial Bias and Children’s Resting Cardiac Vagal Tone
Angel S. Dunbar, Selin Zeytinoglu, Esther M. Leerkes


A Multi-Method, Multi-Informant Test of Maternal Emotion Socialization in Relation to Adolescent Fears of Social Evaluation
Joseph W. Fredrick, Aaron M. Luebbe


Profiles of Emotion Socialization Across Development and Longitudinal Associations with Youth Psychopathology
Laura G. McKee, Karissa DiMarzio, Justin Parent, Chelsea Dale, Juliana Acosta, Jessica O’Leary


Maternal Emotion Dysregulation Predicts Emotion Socialization Practices and Adolescent Emotion Lability: Conditional Effects of Youth ADHD Symptoms
Lauren E. Oddo, Natalie V. Miller, Julia W. Felton, Jude Cassidy, Carl W. Lejuez, Andrea Chronis-Tuscano

Open Access 12-03-2021

The Interplay of Parental Response to Anger, Adolescent Anger Regulation, and Externalizing and Internalizing Problems: A Longitudinal Study
Nantje Otterpohl, Elke Wild, Sophie S. Havighurst, Joachim Stiensmeier-Pelster, Christiane E. Kehoe


Longitudinal Links among Mother and Child Emotion Regulation, Maternal Emotion Socialization, and Child Anxiety
Natalee N. Price, Elizabeth J. Kiel


Cultural Values Influence Relations Between Parent Emotion Socialization and Adolescents’ Neural Responses to Peer Rejection
Amy M. Rapp, Patricia Z. Tan, Jennie K. Grammer, William J. Gehring, Gregory A. Miller, Denise A. Chavira


Transdiagnostic Implications of Parental Socialization of Child and Adolescent Emotional Development: Commentary and Future Directions
Andrea Chronis-Tuscano, Hong N. T. Bui, Nicole E. Lorenzo

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