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Netherlands Heart Journal 5/2022
Netherlands Heart Journal

Uitgave 5/2022


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Open Access 20-04-2022 | Editor’s Comment

Novel sites for pacemaker lead implantation and different routes for their extraction
J. R. de Groot

Open Access 05-04-2022 | Commentary

Left bundle branch area pacing: ready for prime time?
S. A. J. Timmer

Open Access 05-04-2022 | Original Article

A single-centre prospective evaluation of left bundle branch area pacemaker implantation characteristics
L. I. B. Heckman, J. G. L. M. Luermans, M. Jastrzębski, B. Weijs, A. M. W. Van Stipdonk, S. Westra, D. den Uijl, D. Linz, M. Mafi-Rad, F. W. Prinzen, K. Vernooy

Open Access 26-11-2021 | Original Article

Initial experience, feasibility and safety of permanent left bundle branch pacing: results from a prospective single-centre study
L. M. Rademakers, J. L. P. M. van den Broek, M. Op ’t Hof, F. A. Bracke

Open Access 21-12-2021 | Original Article

Comparison between laser sheaths, femoral approach and rotating mechanical sheaths for lead extraction
F. A. Bracke, N. Rademakers, N. Verberkmoes, M. Van ’t Veer, B. M. van Gelder

Open Access 26-10-2021 | Original Article

Initial experience with AcQMap catheter for treatment of persistent atrial fibrillation and atypical atrial flutter
M. Liebregts, M. C. E. F. Wijffels, M. N. Klaver, V. F. van Dijk, J. C. Balt, L. V. A. Boersma

Open Access 11-11-2021 | Original Article

Heart rate increase and inappropriate sinus tachycardia after cryoballoon pulmonary vein isolation for atrial fibrillation
C. van Deutekom, B. A. Mulder, H. F. Groenveld, R. G. Tieleman, A. C. P. Wiesfeld, E. S. Tan, I. C. van Gelder, M. Rienstra, Y. Blaauw

Open Access 07-04-2022 | Rhythm Puzzle – Question

Cardiac resynchronisation therapy in optima forma
S. A. J. Timmer, T. Germans

Open Access 07-04-2022 | Rhythm Puzzle – Answer

Cardiac resynchronisation therapy in optima forma
S. A. J. Timmer, T. Germans

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