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Uitgave 4/2020

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Open Access Commentary

Mechanical circulatory support for shock: A little bit better is just not enough!

M. Karami, J. P. S. Henriques

Open Access Review Article

Haemodynamic efficacy of microaxial left ventricular assist device in cardiogenic shock: a systematic review and meta-analysis

D. I. M. van Dort, K. R. A. H. Peij, O. C. Manintveld, S. E. Hoeks, W. J. Morshuis, N. van Royen, T. Ten Cate, G. S. C Geuzebroek

Open Access Original Article

Interpretations of and management actions following ECGs in programmatic cardiovascular care in primary care: A retrospective dossier study

N. Van den Nieuwenhof, R. T. A. Willemsen, K. T. S. Konings, H. E. J. H. Stoffers

Open Access Original Article

Predictors of postoperative cardiovascular complications up to 3 months after kidney transplantation

W. K. den Dekker, M. C. Slot, M. M. L. Kho, T. W. Galema, J. van de Wetering, E. Boersma, J. I. Roodnat

Open Access Original Article

Outcome of mechanical circulatory support at the University Medical Centre Utrecht

S. E. A. Felix, F. Z. Ramjankhan, M. P. Buijsrogge, K. A. Jacob, F. W. Asselbergs, M. I. F. Oerlemans, J. H. Kirkels, L. W. van Laake, A. M. C. Oppelaar, W. J. L. Suyker, N. de Jonge

Open Access Rhythm Puzzle – Question

Syncope after aortic valve surgery

C. Crooijmans, L. M. Rademakers

Open Access Heart Beat

Epicardial coronary spasm due to endothelial dysfunction after spontaneous coronary artery dissection

V. E. Stegehuis, R. M. Dennert, T. P. van de Hoef, J. J. Piek

Open Access Rhythm Puzzle – Answer

Syncope after aortic valve surgery

C. Crooijmans, L. M. Rademakers

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