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Netherlands Heart Journal 10/2021
Netherlands Heart Journal

Uitgave 10/2021


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Open Access 31-08-2021 | Editor’s Comment

Sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors in cardiology: Slow start and sweet passage
R. J. G. Peters

Open Access 10-06-2021 | Review Article

Novel advances in cardiac rehabilitation
Position paper from the Working Group on Preventive Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation of the Netherlands Society of Cardiology
T. Vromen, R. W. M. Brouwers, H. T. Jorstad, R. A. Kraaijenhagen, R. F. Spee, M. E. Wittekoek, M. J. Cramer, J. M. C. van Hal, L. Hofstra, P. M. J. C. Kuijpers, E. C. de Melker, S. F. Rodrigo, M. Sunamura, N. H. M. K. Uszko-Lencer, H. M. Kemps

Open Access 10-09-2021 | Commentary

Sex differences in coronary artery disease
J. H. Kuneman, J. J. Bax

Open Access 16-06-2021 | Original Article

Sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors: a practical guide for the Dutch cardiologist based on real-world experience
K. Zwart, S. Velthuis, Y. V. Polyukhovych, A. Mosterd, L. Smidt, E. H. Serné, D. H. van Raalte, P. J. M. Elders, M. L. Handoko, P. C. Oldenburg-Ligtenberg

Open Access 27-05-2021 | Original Article

Infarct-related chronic total coronary occlusion and the risk of ventricular tachyarrhythmic events in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survivors
M. van der Graaf, L. S. D. Jewbali, J. S. Lemkes, E. M. Spoormans, M. van der Ent, M. Meuwissen, M. J. Blans, P. van der Harst, J. P. Henriques, A. Beishuizen, C. Camaro, G. B. Bleeker, N. van Royen, S. C. Yap

Open Access 05-05-2021 | Original Article

Cardiac medication use in patients with suspected ischaemia without obstructive coronary arteries: sex differences and psychological distress
P. M. C. Mommersteeg, J. Roeters van Lennep, J. Widdershoven

Open Access 06-08-2021 | Original Article

Coronary CT angiography for suspected acute coronary syndrome: sex-associated differences
M. Arslan, J. Schaap, A. Moelker, P. P. M. Rood, E. Boersma, K. Nieman, E. A. Dubois, A. Dedic

Open Access 01-09-2021 | Original Article

Antithrombotic therapy in high-risk patients after percutaneous coronary intervention; study design, cohort profile and incidence of adverse events
R. H. Olie, P. E. J. van der Meijden, M. J. A. Vries, L. Veenstra, A. W. J. van ‘t Hof, J. M. ten Berg, Y. M. C. Henskens, H. ten Cate

Open Access 03-08-2021 | Rhythm Puzzle – Question

Tachycardia in a teenager
Y. R. Persia-Paulino, J. Rozado, D. Perez

Open Access 02-06-2021 | Heart Beat

Substance of ‘phantom’ cardiac masses confirmed by therapeutic outcome
D. Afendoulis, N. Papagiannis, M. Moutafi, G. Panagi, P. Voutas, S. Garoufalis, N. Smyrnioudis, A. Kartalis

Open Access 03-08-2021 | Rhythm Puzzle – Answer

Tachycardia in a teenager
Y. R. Persia-Paulino, J. Rozado, D. Perez

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