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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 1/2000

Uitgave 1/2000

Inhoudsopgave ( 12 Artikelen )

01-02-2000 | Uitgave 1/2000

Quality of life in patients with bladder carcinoma after cystectomy: First results of a prospective study

Jochen Hardt, Dragana Filipas, Rudolph Hohenfellner, Ulrich T. Egle

01-02-2000 | Uitgave 1/2000

Applying cognitive design principles to formatting HRQOL instruments

Paul A. Mullin, Kathleen N. Lohr, Brian W. Bresnahan, Pauline McNulty

01-02-2000 | Uitgave 1/2000

Performance of the EuroQol in children with imperforate anus

Elly A. Stolk, Jan J.V. Busschbach, Ton Vogels

01-02-2000 | Uitgave 1/2000

Measuring the impact of onychomycosis on patient quality of life

Ralph R. Turner, Marcia A. Testa

01-02-2000 | Uitgave 1/2000

Health-related quality of life among people with HIV disease: Results from the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study

E.G. Bing, R.D. Hays, L.P. Jacobson, B. Chen, S.J. Gange, N.E. Kass, J.S. Chmiel, S.L. Zucconi

01-02-2000 | Uitgave 1/2000

A follow-up study of the quality of life in cancer patients with different prognoses

Gerd Inger Ringdal, Kristen Ringdal

01-02-2000 | Uitgave 1/2000

Patterns over time in quality of life, coping and psychological adjustment in late stage melanoma patients: An application of multilevel models

J.E. Brown, M.T. King, P.N. Butow, S.M. Dunn, A.S. Coates

01-02-2000 | Uitgave 1/2000

Evaluation of a measurement strategy for Parkinson's disease: Assessing patient health-related quality of life

A.M. Damiano, M.M. McGrath, M.K. Willian, C.F. Snyder, P.A. LeWitt, P.F. Reyes, R.R. Richter, E.D. Means

01-02-2000 | Uitgave 1/2000

Quality of life at the initiation of maintenance dialysis treatment – a comparison between the SF-36 and the KDQ questionnaires

J.F.R. Neto, M.B. Ferraz, M. Cendoroglo, S. Draibe, L. Yu, R. Sesso

01-02-2000 | Uitgave 1/2000

Development and testing of a utility measure for major, unipolar depression (McSad)

K.J. Bennett, G.W. Torrance, M.H. Boyle, R. Guscott, L.A. Moran

01-02-2000 | Conference Report | Uitgave 1/2000

A comparison of the WHOQOL-100 and the WHOQOL-BREF in detecting change in quality of life following liver transplantation

R.E. O'Carroll, K. Smith, M. Couston, J.A. Cossar, P.C. Hayes

01-02-2000 | Instructions for Authors | Uitgave 1/2000

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