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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 8/2004

Uitgave 8/2004

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01-10-2004 | Uitgave 8/2004

Is the Evaluation of the Global Quality of Life Determined by Emotional Status?

H. Heinonen, A.R. Aro, A.-M. Aalto, A. Uutela

01-10-2004 | Uitgave 8/2004

Relationship with God and the Quality of Life of Prostate Cancer Survivors

Terry Lynn Gall

01-10-2004 | Uitgave 8/2004

Determinants of Health-Related Quality of Life in Long-Term Survivors of Hodgkin's Lymphoma

L. Wettergren, M. Björkholm, U. Axdorph, A. Langius-Eklöf

01-10-2004 | Uitgave 8/2004

Urinary Incontinence in Women Under 65: Quality of Life, Stress Related to Incontinence and Patterns of Seeking Health Care

Ilana Margalith, Gabriel Gillon, David Gordon

01-10-2004 | Uitgave 8/2004

The Population Perspective on Quality of Life among Americans with Diabetes

David W. Smith

01-10-2004 | Uitgave 8/2004

Health-Related Quality of Life in Coronary Heart Disease Compared to Norms in Spanish Population

María Soto Torres, Soledad Márquez Calderón, Ignacio Ramos Díaz, Antonio Barba Chacón, Fernando López Fernández, Inmaculada Failde Martínez

01-10-2004 | Uitgave 8/2004

Health-Related Quality of Life in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Determining a Meaningful Deterioration

Josephine M. Norquist, Ray Fitzpatrick, Crispin Jenkinson

01-10-2004 | Uitgave 8/2004

The Impact of Visual Impairment and Use of Eye Services on Health-Related Quality of Life among the Elderly in Taiwan: The Shihpai Eye Study

S.-Y. Tsai, L.-Y. Chi, C.-Y. Cheng, W.-M. Hsu, J.-H. Liu, P. Chou

01-10-2004 | Uitgave 8/2004

Update on the Family Strain Questionnaire: A Tool for the General Screening of Caregiving-Related Problems

Silvia Rossi Ferrario, Paola Baiardi, Anna Maria Zotti

01-10-2004 | Uitgave 8/2004

A Review of Subjective Impact Measures for Use with Children and Adolescents with Epilepsy

Justin Cowan, Gus A. Baker

01-10-2004 | Uitgave 8/2004

Revision and Psychometric Testing of the City of Hope Quality of Life–Ostomy Questionnaire

Marcia Grant, Betty Ferrell, Grace Dean, Gwen Uman, David Chu, Robert Krouse

01-10-2004 | Uitgave 8/2004

Construct Validity of the EQ-5D in Low-Income Chinese American Primary Care Patients

Erica I. Lubetkin, Haomiao Jia, Marthe R. Gold

01-10-2004 | Uitgave 8/2004

The Liver Disease Symptom Index 2.0; Validation of a Disease-Specific Questionnaire

Simone M. van der Plas, Bettina E. Hansen, Josien B. de Boer, Theo Stijnen, Jan Passchier, Rob A. de Man, Solko W. Schalm

01-10-2004 | Uitgave 8/2004

Quality of Life After Myocardial Infarction: Translation and Validation of the MacNew Questionnaire for a Dutch Population

Véronique De Gucht, Thérèse Van Elderen, Leo Van Der Kamp, Neil Oldridge

01-10-2004 | Uitgave 8/2004

Development and Testing of the Japanese Version of the Migraine-Specific Quality of Life Instrument

Sadayoshi Ohbu, Hisaka Igarashi, Hiroyuki Okayasu, Fumihiko Sakai, Joseph Green, Richard F Heller, Shunichi Fukuhara, Donald L. Patrick

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