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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 5/2001

Uitgave 5/2001

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01-06-2001 | Uitgave 5/2001

Do SF-36 summary component scores accurately summarize subscale scores?

Charles Taft, Jan Karlsson, Marianne Sullivan

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 5/2001

Interpreting SF&-36 summary health measures: A response

John E. Ware, Mark Kosinski

01-06-2001 | Editorial Commentary | Uitgave 5/2001

Reply to Drs Ware and Kosinski

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 5/2001

A gap approach to exploring quality of life in mental health

Joy Welham, Mary Haire, Dianne Mercer, Terry Stedman

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 5/2001

Probabilities of transition among health states for older adults

Paula Diehr, Donald L. Patrick

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 5/2001

Agreement between patients' and proxies' reports of quality of lifein Alzheimer's disease

J.L. Novella, C. Jochum, D. Jolly, I. Morrone, J. Ankri, F. Bureau, F. Blanchard

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 5/2001

The use of life review to enhance quality of life of people living with AIDS: A feasibility study

Judith A. Erlen, Mary Pat Mellors, Susan M. Sereika, Christa Cook

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 5/2001

Psychometric evaluation of the 12-item Well-being Questionnaire for use with people with macular disease

Jan Mitchell, Clare Bradley

01-06-2001 | Instructions for Authors | Uitgave 5/2001

Instructions for Authors

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