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Netherlands Heart Journal 5/2018
Netherlands Heart Journal

Uitgave 5/2018


Inhoudsopgave (13 Artikelen)

Open Access 11-04-2018 | Editor’s Comment

Healing in the colourful HELIUS experience
R. Delewi, J. J. Piek

Open Access 23-03-2018 | NVVC

NVVC/NHJ Durrer prizes 2017
J. J. Piek

Open Access 06-02-2018 | Review Article

Are there increased periprocedural complications with the MRI-conditional Medtronic Revo SureScan Pacing System?
A meta-analysis
M. Shurrab, A. Kaoutskaia, A. Baranchuk, C. Lau, T. Singarajah, I. Lashevsky, D. Newman, J. S. Healey, E. Crystal

Open Access 10-04-2018 | Commentary

Real-world management of heart failure in the Netherlands
Improving quality of care by simple measures
S. Koudstaal, F. W. Asselbergs

Open Access 14-03-2018 | Original Article - E‑Learning

Short versus long duration of dual antiplatelet therapy following drug-eluting stents: a meta-analysis of randomised trials
R. Rozemeijer, M. Voskuil, J. P. Greving, M. L. Bots, P. A. Doevendans, P. R. Stella

Open Access 11-04-2018 | Original Article

Ethnic disparities in estimated cardiovascular disease risk in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
The HELIUS study
W. Perini, M. B. Snijder, R. J. G. Peters, A. E. Kunst

Open Access 13-04-2018 | Original Article

Five-year clinical follow-up of the STENTYS self-apposing stent in complex coronary anatomy: a single-centre experience with report of specific angiographic indications
H. Lu, R. J. Bekker, M. J. Grundeken, P. Woudstra, J. J. Wykrzykowska, J. G. P. Tijssen, R. J. de Winter, K. T. Koch

Open Access 21-03-2018 | Design Study Article

Real-world heart failure management in 10,910 patients with chronic heart failure in the Netherlands
Design and rationale of the Chronic Heart failure ESC guideline-based Cardiology practice Quality project (CHECK-HF) registry
J. J. Brugts, G. C. M. Linssen, A. W. Hoes, H. P. Brunner-La Rocca, CHECK-HF investigators

Open Access 08-03-2018 | Rhythm Puzzle – Question

R. van der Nagel, V. F. van Dijk

Open Access 12-03-2018 | Heart Beat

Atrial fibrillation mimicking ventricular fibrillation confuses an automated external defibrillator
M. Hulleman, M. T. Blom, A. Bardai, H. L. Tan, R. W. Koster

Open Access 08-03-2018 | Rhythm Puzzle – Answer

R. van der Nagel, V. F. van Dijk

Open Access 08-03-2018 | Letter to the Editor

Resuscitating athletes
P. Calle

Open Access 04-04-2018 | Letter to the Editor

Resuscitation on the pitch with cardiac massage and on-site AED
N. M. Panhuyzen-Goedkoop, J. J. Piek