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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 6/1998

Uitgave 6/1998

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01-12-1998 | Editorial Introduction | Uitgave 6/1998


Gary B. Mesibow

01-12-1998 | Uitgave 6/1998

Attentional Capacities in Children with Autism: Is There a General Deficit in Shifting Focus?

Daisy M. Pascualvaca, Bryan D. Fantie, Maria Papageorgiou, Allan F. Mirsky

01-12-1998 | Uitgave 6/1998

Children with Autism Fail to Orient to Naturally Occurring Social Stimuli

Geraldine Dawson, Andrew N. Meltzoff, Julie Osterling, Julie Rinaldi, Emily Brown

01-12-1998 | Uitgave 6/1998

Spontaneous Play in Children with Autism: A Reappraisal

Sarah Libby, Stuart Powell, David Messer, Rita Jordan

01-12-1998 | Uitgave 6/1998

Autistic Behavior in Young Boys with Fragile X Syndrome

Donald B. Bailey Jr., Gary B. Mesibov, Deborah D. Hatton, Renee D. Clark, Jane E. Roberts, Lisa Mayhew

01-12-1998 | Uitgave 6/1998

Social Functioning Among Girls with Fragile X or Turner Syndrome and Their Sisters

Michèle M. M. Mazzocco, Thomas Baumgardner, Lisa S. Freund, Allan L. Reiss

01-12-1998 | Uitgave 6/1998

The Preserved Speech Variant: A Subgroup of the Rett Complex: A Clinical Report of 30 Cases

Michele Zappella, Christopher Gillberg, Stephan Ehlers

01-12-1998 | Uitgave 6/1998

Delayed Language Onset as a Predictor of Clinical Symptoms in Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Richard Eisenmajer, Margot Prior, Sue Leekam, Lorna Wing, Ben Ong, Judith Gould, Michael Welham

01-12-1998 | Uitgave 6/1998

Procedures for Teaching Appropriate Gestural Communication Skills to Children with Autism

Dawn M. Buffington, Patricia J. Krantz, Lynn E. McClannahan, Claire L. Poulson

01-12-1998 | Uitgave 6/1998

Subtyping Stereotypic Behavior in Children: The Association Between Stereotypic Behavior, Mood, and Heart Rate

Sophie H. N. Willemsen-Swinkels, Jan K. Buitelaar, Marjoleine Dekker, Herman van Engeland

01-12-1998 | Uitgave 6/1998

Brief Report: The Development of the Children's Social Behavior Questionnaire: Preliminary Data

Ellen (E.F.) Luteijn, Sandy (A.E.) Jackson, Fred R. Volkmar, Ruud B. Minderaa

01-12-1998 | Uitgave 6/1998

Brief Report: The Association of Neurofibromatosis Type 1 and Autism

P. Gail Williams, Joseph H. Hersh

01-12-1998 | Uitgave 6/1998

Brief Report: Treatment of Echolalia in a Girl with Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome: Functional Assessment of Minimizing Chances to Provoke Echolalia

Bo In Chung

01-12-1998 | Letter to the Editor | Uitgave 6/1998

Letters to the Editor

Nicole Simon, Bernard Rimland, Robert L. Findling, Kathleen Maxwell, Max Wiznitzer

01-12-1998 | Uitgave 6/1998

Ask the Editor

Gary B. Mesibov

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