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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Uitgave 5/2008

Inhoudsopgave (8 Artikelen)

Motivational interviewing fails to improve outcomes of a behavioral weight loss program for obese African American women: a pilot randomized trial

Christie A. Befort, Nicole Nollen, Edward F. Ellerbeck, Debra K. Sullivan, Janet L. Thomas, Jasjit S. Ahluwalia

Commonsense illness beliefs, adherence behaviors, and hypertension control among African Americans

Eric B. Hekler, Jennifer Lambert, Elaine Leventhal, Howard Leventhal, Eric Jahn, Richard J. Contrada

Social influence and pain response in women and men

Laura E. McClelland, James A. McCubbin

Depression predicts failure to complete phase-II cardiac rehabilitation

Elizabeth Casey, Joel W. Hughes, Donna Waechter, Richard Josephson, James Rosneck

Optimism, social support, and adjustment in African American women with breast cancer

Rebecca A. Shelby, Tim R. Crespin, Sharla M. Wells-Di Gregorio, Ruth M. Lamdan, Jamie E. Siegel, Kathryn L. Taylor

Relationship of race-, sexual orientation-, and HIV-related discrimination with adherence to HIV treatment: a pilot study

Jessica M. Boarts, Laura M. Bogart, Melanie A. Tabak, Aaron P. Armelie, Douglas L. Delahanty