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Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review

Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review 2/2020

Uitgave 2/2020

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28-04-2020 | Uitgave 2/2020

A Strategic Plan for Strengthening America’s Families: A Brief from the Coalition of Behavioral Science Organizations

Anthony Biglan, Karen Elfner, S. Andrew Garbacz, Kelli Komro, Ronald J. Prinz, Mark D. Weist, Dawn K. Wilson, Amie Zarling

10-12-2019 | Uitgave 2/2020 Open Access

Parents’ Perceptions and Experiences of Parenting Programmes: A Systematic Review and Metasynthesis of the Qualitative Literature

J. Butler, L. Gregg, R. Calam, A. Wittkowski

14-11-2019 | Uitgave 2/2020

Fearful Temperament and the Risk for Child and Adolescent Anxiety: The Role of Attention Biases and Effortful Control

Ran Liu, Martha Ann Bell

28-01-2020 | Uitgave 2/2020 Open Access

A Cognitive Model of Pathological Worry in Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review

Annabel Songco, Jennifer L. Hudson, Elaine Fox

09-01-2020 | Uitgave 2/2020

Effective Components of Social Skills Training Programs for Children and Adolescents in Nonclinical Samples: A Multilevel Meta-analysis

Brechtje de Mooij, Minne Fekkes, Ron H. J. Scholte, Geertjan Overbeek

07-01-2020 | Uitgave 2/2020

Is Callous Always Cold? A Critical Review of the Literature on Emotion and the Development of Callous–Unemotional Traits in Children

Jaimie C. Northam, Mark R. Dadds

21-01-2020 | Uitgave 2/2020 Open Access

Optimising Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment for the Mental Health Needs of Children with Epilepsy: Principles and Methods

Roz Shafran, Sophie Bennett, Anna Coughtrey, Alice Welch, Fahreen Walji, J. Helen Cross, Isobel Heyman, Alice Sibelli, Jessica Smith, Jamie Ross, Emma Dalrymple, Sophia Varadkar, Rona Moss-Morris, MICE Research Study Team

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