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07-01-2021 | Eye-Opener | Uitgave 2/2021 Open Access

Perspectives on Medical Education 2/2021

Students’ perceptions on race in medical education and healthcare

Perspectives on Medical Education > Uitgave 2/2021
Guan Hui Tricia Lim, Zeluleko Sibanda, Joshua Erhabor, Soham Bandyopadhyay, The Neurology and Neurosurgery Interest Group
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All authors contributed equally to this manuscript.


Major racial disparities continue to exist in our healthcare education, from the underrepresentation of ethnic minorities when teaching about clinical signs to health management in primary and secondary care. A multi-centre group of students discuss what needs to change in medical education to cultivate physicians who are better prepared to care for patients of all backgrounds. We argue that the accurate portrayal of race in medical education is a vital step towards educating medical students to consider alternative explanations to biology when considering health inequities.
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