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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology 12/2021
Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Uitgave 12/2021


Inhoudsopgave (10 Artikelen)


Association Between Dynamic Parasympathetic Reactivity to Frustration and Children’s Social Success with Peers in Kindergarten
Cassidy M. Fry, Lisa M. Gatzke-Kopp

Open Access 19-07-2021

Concomitant Trajectories of Internalising, Externalising, and Peer Problems Across Childhood: a Person-centered Approach
Lisa-Christine Girard

Open Access 07-08-2021

Developmental Relations Between Internalising Problems and ADHD in Childhood: a Symptom Level Perspective
Lydia Gabriela Speyer, Manuel Eisner, Denis Ribeaud, Michelle Luciano, Bonnie Auyeung, Aja Louise Murray


Autonomic Nervous System Inflexibility During Parent–child Interactions is Related to Callous-unemotional Traits in Youth Aged 10–14 Years Old
Samantha Perlstein, Rebecca Waller, Nicholas Wagner, Amy Byrd, Vera Vine, J. Richard Jennings, Stephanie Stepp


Predictors of Latent Class Trajectories of Internalizing Symptoms in Latinx Adolescents
Kara B. West, Kathleen M. Roche, Rebecca M. B. White, Cynthia Suveg


Prospective Prediction of Depression and Anxiety by Integrating Negative Emotionality and Cognitive Vulnerabilities in Children and Adolescents
Tina H. Schweizer, Hannah R. Snyder, Jami F. Young, Benjamin L. Hankin


Associations Between Adolescent Depression and Self-Harm Behaviors and Screen Media Use in a Nationally Representative Time-Diary Study
Cooper McAllister, Garrett C. Hisler, Andrew B. Blake, Jean M. Twenge, Eric Farley, Jessica L. Hamilton


Developmental Trajectories of Pediatric Obsessive–Compulsive Symptoms
Anna K. Luke, Rachel Ankney, Emily P. Wilton, Theresa R. Gladstone, Kristoffer S. Berlin, Christopher A. Flessner


Development and Validation of a Multi-informant Measure of Social Behaviors for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities
Elizabeth Olivier, Alexandre J. S. Morin, Danielle Tracey, Neha Verma, Céleste Dubé, Cynthia Gagnon, Rhonda G. Craven, Christophe Maïano


Caregiver Psychological Distress Predicts Temperament and Social-Emotional Outcomes in Infants with Autism Traits
Lacey Chetcuti, Mirko Uljarević, Kandice J. Varcin, Maryam Boutrus, Sarah Pillar, Stefanie Dimov, Josephine Barbaro, Cheryl Dissanayake, Jonathan Green, Ming Wai Wan, Leonie Segal, Vicky Slonims, Andrew J. O. Whitehouse, Kristelle Hudry, Teresa Iacono, Murray Maybery, Michelle Renton, Nancy Sadka, Leonie Segal, Scott Wakeling, John Wray

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