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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Uitgave 2/2024

Inhoudsopgave (12 Artikelen)

Quantifying the Representation of Black Adolescents in Suicide Intervention Research

E. Sumlin, R. Hill, N. Asim, D. Busby, J.L. Brown, C. Sharp

Adolescent Depression Symptom Trajectories Detected Via Universal Screening in Pediatric Primary Care

Molly Davis, Jason D. Jones, Robert Gallop, Amy So, Gillian Dysart, Jami F. Young

Interpersonal Trauma Effects on Adolescent Depression: The Moderating Role of Neurophysiological Responses to Positive Interpersonal Images

Yinru Long, Lindsay Dickey, Samantha Pegg, Alexandra Argiros, Lisa Venanzi, Anh Dao, Autumn Kujawa

Open Access

Social Interactions in Everyday Life of Socially Anxious Adolescents: Effects on Mental State, Anxiety, and Depression

Julia Ernst, Frank Rückert, Theresa Magdalena Ollmann, Catharina Voss, Hanna Kische, Susanne Knappe, Katja Beesdo-Baum

Open Access

Dimensions of Warm Parenting Attributions Differentiate Conduct Problem Subtypes in Young Children

Silvana Kaouar, Georgette E. Fleming, Bryan Neo, David J. Hawes, Valsamma Eapen, Eva R. Kimonis

Avoidant Parent-Child Communication About COVID-19: A Longitudinal Investigation of Associations with Youth Adjustment Across the First 6 Months of the Pandemic

Lindsay C. Malloy, Victoria W. Dykstra, Lillian A. Rodriguez Steen, Daniella Filoso, Hanan Salem, Jonathan S. Comer, Tara S. Peris, Donna B. Pincus, Jill Ehrenreich-May, Angela D. Evans

Open Access

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree? Paranoia and Safety Behaviours in Adolescent-Parent-Dyads

Sven N. Schönig, Elizabeth Thompson, Jessica Kingston, Brandon A. Gaudiano, Lyn Ellett, Katarina Krkovic

Longitudinal Study of Early Adversity and Disturbing Dream Frequency: Moderating Role of Early Negative Emotionality

Mira El-Hourani, Antonio Zadra, Natalie Castellanos-Ryan, Charlie Rioux, Richard E. Tremblay, Sophie Parent, Jean R. Séguin