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Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy

Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy 2/2016

Uitgave 2/2016

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29-12-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016

A Brief Report on the Assessment of Distress Tolerance: Are We Measuring the Same Construct?

Lisa H. Glassman, Lindsay M. Martin, Lauren E. Bradley, Arwa Ibrahim, Stephanie P. Goldstein, Evan M. Forman, James D. Herbert

23-02-2016 | Uitgave 2/2016

Irrational Beliefs and Attention Bias Towards Symptoms-Related Stimuli in Maintaining Gastrointestinal Symptoms: Results from a Pilot Study

Cristina Mogoaşe, Daniel David, Dan L. Dumitraşcu

30-12-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016

A Cognitive-Behavioral Standpoint on the Perceived Consequences of a Major Seismic Event in Relation to Optimism and Pre-hazard Emotional Distress

Eugen Avram, Ioana R. Podina, Cezar Giosan

11-01-2016 | Uitgave 2/2016

The Albert Ellis Institute: Past, Present and Future

Interview with Dr. Kristene Doyle: Director of the Albert Ellis Institute, New York
Montse Rovira

18-02-2016 | Uitgave 2/2016

Defense Mechanisms in Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavior Therapy Personality Theory

Daniel J. Ziegler

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