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Child Psychiatry & Human Development

Child Psychiatry & Human Development 2/2005

Uitgave 2/2005

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01-12-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Childhood Predictors of Anxiety Symptoms: A Longitudinal Study

Rachel L. Grover PhD, Golda S. Ginsburg PhD, Nick Ialongo PhD

01-12-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

The Relationship Between Restrictive and Repetitive Behaviors in Individuals with Autism and Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms in Parents

RK Abramson, SA Ravan, HH Wright, K Wieduwilt, CM Wolpert, SA Donnelly, MA Pericak-Vance, ML Cuccaro

01-12-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Psychometric Evaluation of the Social Experience Questionnaire in Adolescents: Descriptive Data, Reliability, and Factorial Validity

Eric A. Storch, Heather Crisp, Jonathan W. Roberti, Daniel M. Bagner, Carrie Masia-Warner

01-12-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Characterizing Aggressive and Noncompliant Behaviors in a Children’s Psychiatric Inpatient Setting

Denis G. Sukhodolsky PhD, Laurie Cardona PsyD, Andrés Martin MD, MPH

01-12-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Assessment of Pediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Critical Review of Current Methodology

Lisa J. Merlo PhD, Eric A. Storch PhD, Tanya K. Murphy MD, Wayne K. Goodman MD, Gary R. Geffken PhD

01-12-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Psychiatric Morbidity of Second and Third Grade Primary School Children in Korea

H. I. Yoo, S. C. Cho, B. N. Kim, S. Y. Kim, M. S. Shin, K. E. Hong

01-12-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Social Skills and Behavior Problems in Children with Disabilities with and without Siblings

Jill J. Fussell MD, Michelle M. Macias MD, Conway F. Saylor PhD. ABPP

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