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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 4/2000

Uitgave 4/2000

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01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Influence of Deviant Friends on Delinquency: Searching for Moderator Variables

Frank Vitaro, Mara Brendgen, Richard E. Tremblay

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Do Positive Self-Perceptions Have a “Dark Side”? Examination of the Link between Perceptual Bias and Aggression

Corinne F. David, Janet A. Kistner

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Emotional Expressiveness during Peer Conflicts: A Predictor of Social Maladjustment among High-Risk Preschoolers

Alison L. Miller, Sheryl L. Olson

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Stability of Family Interaction from Ages 6 to 18

Rolf Loeber, Matthew Drinkwater, Yanming Yin, Stewart J. Anderson, Laura C. Schmidt, Anne Crawford

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Effects of Stimulant Medication Treatment on Mothers' and Children's Attributions for the Behavior of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Charlotte Johnston, Stuart Fine, Margaret Weiss, Jacqueline Weiss, Gabrielle Weiss, Wendy S. Freeman

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Specific Life Events and Chronic Experiences Differentially Associated with Depression and Anxiety in Young Twins

Thalia C. Eley, Jim Stevenson

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Structural, Relative, and Absolute Agreement between Parents' and Adolescent Inpatients' Reports of Adolescent Functional Impairment

Susan J. Frank, Laurie A. Van Egeren, Jessica L. Fortier, Paula Chase

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