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01-10-2015 | Eye-Opener | Uitgave 5/2015 Open Access

Perspectives on Medical Education 5/2015

Is dissection the only way to learn anatomy? Thoughts from students at a non-dissecting based medical school

Perspectives on Medical Education > Uitgave 5/2015
Salil B. Patel, Daniel Mauro, James Fenn, Dermot R. Sharkey, Conor Jones


Anatomical teaching has been centred around dissection for centuries. Generations of doctors have been initiated into the medical profession by cutting into their first cadavers. With the number of donor cadavers available decreasing and medical student numbers increasing, the emphasis placed on dissection has changed dramatically over the past 15 years. However, a solid appreciation of human anatomy is still a necessary part of understanding pathology and treatments. Therefore in light of these changes we ask, is dissection the only option? Or are there other options which students can undertake to develop anatomical knowledge?
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