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01-07-2015 | Uitgave 7/2015 Open Access

Quality of Life Research 7/2015

Diabetes quality of life perception in a multiethnic population

Quality of Life Research > Uitgave 7/2015
S. G. K. Goh, B. N. Rusli, B. A. K. Khalid
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This study assessed ethnic differences and factors predicting quality of life perception in a multiethnic Asian population. There are very limited data on Asian population with diverse culture, ethnic group, religion, language and socioeconomic background.



The aim of this study was to determine ethnic differences and predictors of the perception of quality of life (QOL) in a multiethnic Malaysian population with type 2 diabetes.


A population-based cross-sectional study was done in three different states in Malaysia. The Asian Diabetes Quality of Life (AsianDQOL) tool specific for type 2 diabetes is the primary outcome tool. One-way analysis of covariance was undertaken to examine ethnic differences on the total and component AsianDQOL scores controlling for important covariates. Stepwise multiple linear regression models were used for selecting predictors for the AsianDQOL score with stratification for ethnicity and language.


A total of 647 subjects (338 Malays, 160 Chinese and 149 Indians) were recruited. Chinese scored significantly lower (78.1 ± 11.6) on the AsianDQOL (total) score compared to Malays (81.4 ± 9.0) and Indians (81.5 ± 9.2) (F = 3.060, p = 0.049, η 2 = 0.02). Likewise, Chinese scored significantly lower (21.0 ± 4.3) on the AsianDQOL (diet) score compared to Malays (22.8 ± 3.6) and Indians (22.5 ± 3.7) (F = 4.96, p = 0.008, η 2 = 0.04). The main predictors of AsianDQOL (total) score for the English language group of different ethnicities were sexual dysfunction (−4.5), having visual problems (−3.7), female (−2.8) and glycemic control (−1.6). Sexual dysfunction was negatively correlated with QOL in Malay, Chinese ethnic group and Indian ethnic groups.


The perception of AsianDQOL is different across ethnic groups and languages spoken. Significant differences in the English-speaking group and the non-English-speaking group are detected within the same ethnicity. Sexual dysfunction severely impacts AsianDQOL in a multiethnic Asian population and remains an important determinant regardless of ethnicity and language.

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