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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 7/2015

Inhoudsopgave (26 Artikelen)

Health perceptions and symptom burden in primary care: measuring health using audio computer-assisted self-interviews

Keiki Hinami, Jennifer Smith, Catherine D. Deamant, Romina Kee, Diana Garcia, William E. Trick

The Patient Activation Measure: a validation study in a neurological population

Tanya L. Packer, George Kephart, Setareh Ghahari, Åsa Audulv, Joan Versnel, Grace Warner

Cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric assessment of the Chinese version of the comprehensive needs assessment tool for cancer caregivers (CNAT-C)

Yin-Ping Zhang, Xin-Shuang Zhao, Bei Zhang, Lu-Lu Zhang, Chun-Ping Ni, Nan Hao, Chang-Bei Shi, Caroline Porr

Open Access

Thyroid-specific questions on work ability showed known-groups validity among Danes with thyroid diseases

Mette Andersen Nexo, Torquil Watt, Steen Joop Bonnema, Laszlo Hegedüs, Åse Krogh Rasmussen, Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen, Jakob Bue Bjorner

Brief Communication

Reliability and validity of the Dutch-translated Body Image Scale

V. M. T. van Verschuer, W. W. Vrijland, I. Mares-Engelberts, T. M. A. L. Klem

Brief Communication

Effect of multidisciplinary interventions on quality of life in obese children: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Kelly A. M. Ligthart, Winifred D. Paulis, Dewi Djasmo, Bart W. Koes, Marienke van Middelkoop

Brief Communication

Future orientation and health quality of life in primary care: vitality as a mediator

Jameson K. Hirsch, Danielle Molnar, Edward C. Chang, Fuschia M. Sirois

Role functioning is associated with survival in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Adam Meier, Adam Yopp, Huram Mok, Pragathi Kandunoori, Jasmin Tiro, Amit G. Singal

Open Access

Diabetes quality of life perception in a multiethnic population

S. G. K. Goh, B. N. Rusli, B. A. K. Khalid

Health status and quality of life: results from a national survey in a community-dwelling sample of elderly people

Christophe Luthy, Christine Cedraschi, Anne-Françoise Allaz, François R. Herrmann, Catherine Ludwig

Relationship between socioeconomic status and quality of life in older adults: a path analysis

A. Bielderman, M. H. G. de Greef, W. P. Krijnen, C. P. van der Schans

Training clinicians in how to use patient-reported outcome measures in routine clinical practice

Maria J. Santana, Lotte Haverman, Kate Absolom, Elena Takeuchi, David Feeny, Martha Grootenhuis, Galina Velikova

Mapping the disease-specific LupusQoL to the SF-6D

Rachel Meacock, Mark Harrison, Kathleen McElhone, Janice Abbott, Sahena Haque, Ian Bruce, Lee-Suan Teh

Do health preferences contradict ordering of EQ-5D labels?

Benjamin M. Craig, A. Simon Pickard, Kim Rand-Hendriksen

The EQ-5D-5L index score is more discriminative than the EQ-5D-3L index score in diabetes patients

Chen-Wei Pan, Hong-Peng Sun, Xingzhi Wang, Qinghua Ma, Yong Xu, Nan Luo, Pei Wang

Reliability and validity of the EQ-5D-5L compared to the EQ-5D-3L in patients with osteoarthritis referred for hip and knee replacement

Barbara L. Conner-Spady, Deborah A. Marshall, Eric Bohm, Michael J. Dunbar, Lynda Loucks, Ammar Al Khudairy, Tom W. Noseworthy

Valuing EQ-5D health states for Sri Lanka

Sanjeewa Kularatna, Jennifer A. Whitty, Newell W. Johnson, Ruwan Jayasinghe, Paul A. Scuffham


Erratum to: Genetic variations underlying self-reported physical functioning: a review

Melissa S. Y. Thong, Mirjam A. G. Sprangers, Jeff A. Sloan, Donald L. Patrick, Ping Yang, Cornelis J. F. van Noorden