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Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 3/2001

Uitgave 3/2001

Inhoudsopgave ( 8 Artikelen )

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Overt and Covert Dimensions of Antisocial Behavior in Early Childhood

Michael Willoughby, Janis Kupersmidt, Donna Bryant

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Multimethod Assessment of Psychopathology Among DSM-IV Subtypes of Children With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Self-, Parent, and Teacher Reports

David S. Crystal, Rick Ostrander, Ru San Chen, Gerald J. August

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Symptom Properties as a Function of ADHD Type: An Argument for Continued Study of Sluggish Cognitive Tempo

Keith McBurnett, Linda J. Pfiffner, Paul J. Frick

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

The Ecological Validity of Delay Aversion and Response Inhibition as Measures of Impulsivity in AD/HD: A Supplement to the NIMH Multimodal Treatment Study of AD/HD

Mary V. Solanto, Howard Abikoff, Edmund Sonuga-Barke, Russell Schachar, Gordon D. Logan, Tim Wigal, Lily Hechtman, Stephen Hinshaw, Elihu Turkel

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

The Development of Selective Attention in Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Darlene A. Brodeur, Miranda Pond

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

The Hopelessness Theory of Depression: A Test of the Diathesis–Stress and Causal Mediation Components in Third and Seventh Grade Children

John R. Z. Abela

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Specificity of Information Processing Styles to Depressive Symptoms in Youth Psychiatric Inpatients

Tülin Gençöz, Zachary R. Voelz, Faruk Gençöz, Jeremy W. Pettit, Thomas E. Joiner

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Does DSM-IV Asperger's Disorder Exist?

Susan Dickerson Mayes, Susan L. Calhoun, Dana L. Crites

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