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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Uitgave 7/2021

Inhoudsopgave (10 Artikelen)

Distinct Patterns of Impaired Cognitive Control Among Boys and Girls with ADHD Across Development

Alyssa DeRonda, Yi Zhao, Karen E. Seymour, Stewart H. Mostofsky, Keri S. Rosch

Open Access

Investigating Emotional Body Posture Recognition in Adolescents with Conduct Disorder Using Eye-Tracking Methods

Nayra A. Martin-Key, Erich W. Graf, Wendy J. Adams, Graeme Fairchild

Effects of A Parenting-Focused Mindfulness Intervention on Adolescent Substance Use and Psychopathology: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Tara M. Chaplin, Kelsey L. Mauro, Timothy W. Curby, Claire Niehaus, Sarah Fischer, Caitlin C. Turpyn, Alexandra M. Martelli, Adam Bryant Miller, Richard N. Leichtweis, Ruth Baer, Rajita Sinha

A Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Test of the Low Sensitivity to Threat and Affiliative Reward (STAR) Model of Callous-Unemotional Traits Among Spanish Preschoolers

Beatriz Domínguez-Álvarez, Estrella Romero, Laura López-Romero, Aimé Isdahl-Troye, Nicholas J. Wagner, Rebecca Waller

Meta-Analyses of the Associations Between Disinhibited Social Engagement Behaviors and Child Attachment Insecurity or Disorganization

Lory Zephyr, Chantal Cyr, Sébastien Monette, Maude Archambault, Stine Lehmann, Helen Minnis

Latent Class Analysis of Adolescent Psychosocial Functioning and Course of Major Depression

Zuzanna K. Wojcieszak, Rebekah J. Mennies, Daniel N. Klein, John R. Seeley, Thomas M. Olino