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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 6/1997

Uitgave 6/1997

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01-11-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997


A. P. Leplège, R. A. Berzon

01-11-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

Current antiretroviral therapy: an overview

Roy M. Gulick

01-11-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

Assessing health-related quality of life in HIV disease: key measurement issues

S. A. Shumaker, S. Ellis, M. Naughton

01-11-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

Evidence for reliability, validity and usefulness of the Medical Outcomes Study HIV Health Survey (MOS-HIV)

A. W. Wu, D. A. Revicki, D. Jacobson, F. E. Malitz

01-11-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

Assessment of quality of life in early stage HIV-infected persons: data from the AIDS Time- Oriented Health Outcome Study (ATHOS)

D. P. Lubeck, J. F. Fries

01-11-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

The Quality of Well-Being scale in asymptomatic HIV-infected patients

R. M. Kaplan, T. L. Patterson, D. N. Kerner, J. Hampton Atkinson, R. K. Heaton, I. Grant

01-11-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

Measuring quality of life in early HIV disease: the modular approach

W. R. Lenderking, M. A. Testa, D. Katzenstein, S. Hammer

01-11-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

Applications of the Medical Outcomes Study health-related quality of life measures in HIV/AIDS

A. W. Wu, R. D. Hays, S. Kelly, F. Malitz, S. A. Bozzette

01-11-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

Use of the MQoL-HIV with asymptomatic HIV-positive patients

K. W. Smith, L. Swislow, N. E. Avis, K. H. Mayer

01-11-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

Performance of a new, HIV/AIDS-targeted quality of life (HAT-QoL) instrument in asymptomatic seropositive individuals

W. C. Holmes, J. A. Shea

01-11-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

Psychometric validation of the revised Functional Assessment of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection (FAHI) quality of life instrument

A. H. Peterman, D. Cella, F. Mo, N. McCain

01-11-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

Measuring quality of life from the point of view of HIV-positive subjects: the HIV-QL31

A. Leplège, N. Rude, E. Ecosse, R. Ceinos, E. Dohin, J. Pouchot

01-11-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

Health status assessment for the twenty-first century: item response theory, item banking and computer adaptive testing

D. A. Revicki, D. F. Cella

01-11-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

Summary and recommendations for future research

R. A. Berzon, A. P. Leplège, K. N. Lohr, W. R. Lenderking, A. W. Wu

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