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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 1/2013

Inhoudsopgave (24 Artikelen)

Response shift effects on measuring post-operative quality of life among breast cancer patients: a multicenter cohort study

T. S. Dabakuyo, F. Guillemin, T. Conroy, M. Velten, D. Jolly, M. Mercier, S. Causeret, J. Cuisenier, O. Graesslin, M. Gauthier, F. Bonnetain

Quality-adjusted life expectancy (QALE) loss due to smoking in the United States

Haomiao Jia, Matthew M. Zack, William W. Thompson, Shanta R. Dube

Open Access

The health-related quality of life burden of co-morbid cardiovascular disease and major depressive disorder in Australia: findings from a population-based, cross-sectional study

Adrienne O’Neil, Christopher E. Stevenson, Emily D. Williams, Duncan Mortimer, Brian Oldenburg, Kristy Sanderson

Health-related quality-of-life status in Veterans with spinal disorders

Maxwell Boakye, Ryan Moore, Maiying Kong, Stephen L. Skirboll, Robert T. Arrigo

Estimating utilities for chronic kidney disease, using SF-36 and SF-12-based measures: challenges in a population of veterans with diabetes

Mangala Rajan, Kuan-Chi Lai, Chin-Lin Tseng, Shirley Qian, Alfredo Selim, Lewis Kazis, Leonard Pogach, Anushua Sinha

Subjective wellbeing and ‘felt’ stigma when living with HIV

Vicki E. Hutton, RoseAnne Misajon, Francesca E. Collins

Open Access

Post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome symptomatology and the impact on life functioning: is there something here?

John N. Aucott, Alison W. Rebman, Lauren A. Crowder, Kathleen B. Kortte

Open Access

Understanding older patients’ self-management abilities: functional loss, self-management, and well-being

J. M. Cramm, J. M. Hartgerink, E. W. Steyerberg, T. J. Bakker, J. P. Mackenbach, A. P. Nieboer

Life satisfaction in patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain and its predictors

Anne M. Boonstra, Michiel F. Reneman, Roy E. Stewart, Marcel W. Post, Henrica R. Schiphorst Preuper

Brief Communication

A procedure for obtaining Impact of Cancer version 2 scores using version 1 responses

Catherine M. Crespi, Patricia A. Ganz, Laura Petersen, Sophia K. Smith

Missing content from health-related quality of life instruments: interviews with young adult survivors of childhood cancer

Gwendolyn P. Quinn, I-Chan Huang, Devin Murphy, Katie Zidonik-Eddelton, Kevin R. Krull

Brief Communication

The Caregivers Quality of Life Cancer index scale (CQoLC): an exploratory factor analysis for validation in French cancer patients’ spouses

Anaïs Lafaye, Stéphanie De Chalvron, Nadine Houédé, Houchingue Eghbali, Florence Cousson-Gélie

Construct validity of the EORTC quality of life questionnaire information module

Susanne Singer, Philipp M. Engelberg, Gregor Weißflog, Susanne Kuhnt, Jochen Ernst

Open Access

Testing the psychometric properties of the Participation Scale in Eastern Nepal

S. A. M. Stevelink, C. B. Terwee, N. Banstola, W. H. van Brakel

The factor structure of the GHQ-12: the interaction between item phrasing, variance and levels of distress

Adam B. Smith, Yemi Oluboyede, Robert West, Jenny Hewison, Allan O. House

Clinical dimensions of fibromyalgia symptoms and development of a combined index of severity: The CODI index

Antonio Cuesta-Vargas, Juan V. Luciano, Maria Teresa Peñarrubia-María, Javier García-Campayo, Rita Fernández-Vergel, Manuel Arroyo-Morales, Antoni Serrano-Blanco

Brief Communication

The Cardiff Acne Disability Index (CADI): linguistic and cultural validation in Serbian

Slavenka Jankovic, Jelica Vukicevic, Sanja Djordjevic, Janko Jankovic, Jelena Marinkovic, Mohammad K. A. Basra

Brief Communication

Validation of the Brazilian version of Chronic Liver Disease Questionnaire

Samantha Mucci, Vanessa de Albuquerque Citero, Adriano Miziara Gonzalez, Luciana Geocze, Stephan Geocze, Gaspar de Jesus Lopes Filho, Mario Alfredo De Marco, Edison Roberto Parise, Luiz Antonio Nogueira Martins

Factors influencing self- and parent-reporting health-related quality of life in children with brain tumors

Iori Sato, Akiko Higuchi, Takaaki Yanagisawa, Akitake Mukasa, Kohmei Ida, Yutaka Sawamura, Kazuhiko Sugiyama, Nobuhito Saito, Toshihiro Kumabe, Mizuhiko Terasaki, Ryo Nishikawa, Yasushi Ishida, Kiyoko Kamibeppu

The influence of parental education on child mental health in Spain

Michela Sonego, Alicia Llácer, Iñaki Galán, Fernando Simón