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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 9/2012

Inhoudsopgave (21 Artikelen)

Brief Communication

Population-level response shift: novel implications for research

Darren Lau, Calypse Agborsangaya, Fatima Al Sayah, Xiuyun Wu, Arto Ohinmaa, Jeffrey A. Johnson

Open Access

Changes in life satisfaction in persons with spinal cord injury during and after inpatient rehabilitation: adaptation or measurement bias?

Christel M. C. van Leeuwen, Marcel W. M. Post, Lucas H. V. van der Woude, Sonja de Groot, Christof Smit, Dirk van Kuppevelt, Eline Lindeman

Quality of life and physical activity among adults: population-based study in Brazilian adults

Gabrielle Pucci, Rodrigo S. Reis, Cassiano R. Rech, Pedro C. Hallal

Brief Communication

Impact of depression on quality of life in people living with human T cell lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) in Salvador, Brazil

Ana Verena Galvão-Castro, Ney Boa-Sorte, Ramon Almeida Kruschewsky, Maria Fernanda Rios Grassi, Bernardo Galvão-Castro

A five-year prospective study of quality of life after colorectal cancer

Suzanne K. Chambers, Xingqiong Meng, Pip Youl, Joanne Aitken, Jeff Dunn, Peter Baade

Health-related quality of life of mothers of very low birth weight children at the age of five: results from the newborn lung project statewide cohort study

Whitney P. Witt, Kristin Litzelman, Hilary A. Spear, Lauren E. Wisk, Nataliya Levin, Beth M. McManus, Mari Palta

Understanding the health impact of caregiving: a qualitative study of immigrant parents and single parents of children with cancer

Anne F. Klassen, Sonia Gulati, Leeat Granek, Zahava R. S. Rosenberg-Yunger, Lisa Watt, Lillian Sung, Robert Klaassen, David Dix, Nicola T. Shaw

Open Access

Comparing higher order models for the EORTC QLQ-C30

Chad M. Gundy, Peter M. Fayers, Mogens Groenvold, Morten Aa. Petersen, Neil W. Scott, Mirjam A. G. Sprangers, Galina Velikova, Neil K. Aaronson

Development of an item bank and computer adaptive test for role functioning

Milena D. Anatchkova, Matthias Rose, John E. Ware Jr., Jakob B. Bjorner

Open Access Brief Communication

Pediatric Asthma Caregiver’s Quality of Life Questionnaire is a useful tool for monitoring asthma in children

Iwona Stelmach, Daniela Podlecka, Katarzyna Smejda, Paweł Majak, Joanna Jerzyńska, Rafał Stelmach, Anna Janas, Włodzimierz Stelmach

Validation of a quality-of-life scale for women with bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis

Laura M. Bogart, Marika J. Suttorp, Marc N. Elliott, J. Quentin Clemens, Sandra H. Berry