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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 6/2012

Uitgave 6/2012

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01-08-2012 | Review | Uitgave 6/2012 Open Access

Self-report fatigue questionnaires in multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and stroke: a systematic review of measurement properties

Roy G. Elbers, Marc B. Rietberg, Erwin E. H. van Wegen, John Verhoef, Sharon F. Kramer, Caroline B. Terwee, Gert Kwakkel

01-08-2012 | Review | Uitgave 6/2012

Quality of life in panic disorder: looking beyond symptom remission

Julia Davidoff, Scott Christensen, David N. Khalili, Jaidyn Nguyen, Waguih William IsHak

01-08-2012 | Uitgave 6/2012

Dizziness impairs health-related quality of life

M. Ten Voorde, H. J. van der Zaag-Loonen, R. B. van Leeuwen

01-08-2012 | Uitgave 6/2012

Factors associated with subjective quality of life in Korean patients with depressive disorders: the CRESCEND study

Young-Eun Jung, Ho-Jun Seo, Hoo Rim Song, Young Sup Woo, Hyeon-Woo Yim, Hyung-Mo Sung, Min-Soo Lee, Jae-Min Kim, Tae-Youn Jun

01-08-2012 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 6/2012

Determining the clinically important difference in visual analog scale scores in abuse liability studies evaluating novel opioid formulations

Thomas A. Eaton, Sandra D. Comer, Dennis A. Revicki, Jeremiah J. Trudeau, Richard G. van Inwegen, Joseph W. Stauffer, Nathaniel P. Katz

01-08-2012 | Uitgave 6/2012

Quality of life of patients in renal replacement therapy in Brazil: comparison of treatment modalities

Juliana Álvares, Cibele Comini Cesar, Francisco de Assis Acurcio, Eli Iola Gurgel Andrade, Mariangela Leal Cherchiglia

01-08-2012 | Uitgave 6/2012

The associations among coping, nadir CD4+ T-cell count, and non-HIV-related variables with health-related quality of life among an ambulatory HIV-positive patient population

Carl Armon, Kenneth Lichtenstein

01-08-2012 | Uitgave 6/2012

Comparison of hypothetical and experienced EQ-5D valuations: relative weights of the five dimensions

Kim Rand-Hendriksen, Liv Ariane Augestad, Ivar Sønbø Kristiansen, Knut Stavem

01-08-2012 | Uitgave 6/2012

Choice of recall period for patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures: criteria for consideration

Josephine M. Norquist, Cynthia Girman, Sheri Fehnel, Carla DeMuro-Mercon, Nancy Santanello

01-08-2012 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2012

A PROMIS fatigue short form for use by individuals who have multiple sclerosis

Karon F. Cook, Alyssa M. Bamer, Toni S. Roddey, George H. Kraft, Jiseon Kim, Dagmar Amtmann

01-08-2012 | Uitgave 6/2012

Development and psychometric evaluation of the public health surveillance well-being scale

C. M. Bann, R. Kobau, M. A. Lewis, M. M. Zack, C. Luncheon, W. W. Thompson

01-08-2012 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 6/2012

Development of the Italian version of the Pain Catastrophising Scale (PCS-I): cross-cultural adaptation, factor analysis, reliability, validity and sensitivity to change

Marco Monticone, Paola Baiardi, Silvano Ferrari, Calogero Foti, Raffaele Mugnai, Paolo Pillastrini, Barbara Rocca, Carla Vanti

01-08-2012 | Uitgave 6/2012

Construction and international validation of CIVIQ-14 (a short form of CIVIQ-20), a new questionnaire with a stable factorial structure

R. Launois, J. G. Le Moine, F. S. Lozano, A. Mansilha

01-08-2012 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 6/2012

Psychometric properties of a Korean version of the Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire in chronic pain patients

Sungkun Cho, Elaine M. Heiby, Lance M. McCracken, Dong-Eon Moon, Jang-Han Lee

01-08-2012 | Uitgave 6/2012

Comparing the psychometric properties of the EQ-5D-3L and EQ-5D-5L in cancer patients in Korea

Seon Ha Kim, Hwa Jung Kim, Sang-il Lee, Min-Woo Jo

01-08-2012 | Uitgave 6/2012

Ten-year quality of life outcomes among patients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder II. Predictive value of psychosocial factors

Michael S. Ritsner, Marina Arbitman, Alexander Lisker, Alexander M. Ponizovsky

01-08-2012 | Uitgave 6/2012

Screen time and physical activity behaviours are associated with health-related quality of life in Australian adolescents

Kathleen E. Lacy, Steven E. Allender, Peter J. Kremer, Andrea M. de Silva-Sanigorski, Lynne M. Millar, Marjory L. Moodie, Louise B. Mathews, Mary Malakellis, Boyd A. Swinburn

01-08-2012 | Uitgave 6/2012

Perceived body shape, standardized body-mass index, and weight-specific quality of life of African-American, Caucasian, and Mexican-American adolescents

Todd C. Edwards, Donald L. Patrick, Anne M. Skalicky, Yi Huang, Andrea D. Hobby

01-08-2012 | Obituary | Uitgave 6/2012

Prof. Andrei A. Novik: 27th February, 1952 to 11th July, 2011

Sam Salek

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