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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 7/2010

Uitgave 7/2010

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01-09-2010 | Uitgave 7/2010

A prospective longitudinal study investigating neuroticism and mastery as predictors of quality of life among Chinese gynecologic cancer survivors

Beatrice P. Y. Lai, Catherine S. K. Tang, Tony K. H. Chung

01-09-2010 | Uitgave 7/2010

Physical activity, quality of life, weight status and diet in adolescents

Spencer E. Boyle, Georgina L. Jones, Stephen J. Walters

01-09-2010 | Uitgave 7/2010

Do depressive symptoms affect mothers’ reports of child outcomes in children with new-onset epilepsy?

Mark A. Ferro, William R. Avison, M. Karen Campbell, Kathy N. Speechley

01-09-2010 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 7/2010

Monitoring symptoms at home: what methods would cancer patients be comfortable using?

Annet Kleiboer, Katie Gowing, Christian Holm Hansen, Carina Hibberd, Laura Hodges, Jane Walker, Parvez Thekkumpurath, Mark O’Connor, Gordon Murray, Michael Sharpe

01-09-2010 | Uitgave 7/2010

Sociodemographic and neighbourhood determinants of health-related quality of life among grade-five students in Canada

X. Y. Wu, A. Ohinmaa, P. J. Veugelers

01-09-2010 | Uitgave 7/2010

Structure of health-related quality of life among people with and without functional limitations

Willi Horner-Johnson, Rie Suzuki, Gloria L. Krahn, Elena M. Andresen, Charles E. Drum, The RRTC Expert Panel on Health Measurement

01-09-2010 | Uitgave 7/2010 Open Access

The relationship between change in subjective outcome and change in disease: a potential paradox

Wietske Kievit, Jos Hendrikx, Peep F. M. Stalmeier, Mart A. F. J. van de Laar, Piet L. C. M. Van Riel, Eddy M. Adang

01-09-2010 | Uitgave 7/2010

Stress-mediated quality of life outcomes in parents of childhood cancer and brain tumor survivors: a case–control study

Whitney P. Witt, Kristin Litzelman, Lauren E. Wisk, Hilary A. Spear, Kris Catrine, Nataliya Levin, Carissa A. Gottlieb

01-09-2010 | Uitgave 7/2010

A longitudinal evaluation of residents’ health outcomes in nursing homes and residential care homes in Taiwan

Li-Fan Liu, Miin-Jye Wen

01-09-2010 | Original Paper | Uitgave 7/2010

Quality of life of individuals with and without facial feminization surgery or gender reassignment surgery

Tiffiny A. Ainsworth, Jeffrey H. Spiegel

01-09-2010 | Uitgave 7/2010

Changes in Health-Related Quality of Life among African-Americans in a lifestyle weight loss program

Aluko A. Hope, Shiriki K. Kumanyika, Justine Shults, William C. Holmes

01-09-2010 | Uitgave 7/2010

Measuring social health in the patient-reported outcomes measurement information system (PROMIS): item bank development and testing

Elizabeth A. Hahn, Robert F. DeVellis, Rita K. Bode, Sofia F. Garcia, Liana D. Castel, Susan V. Eisen, Hayden B. Bosworth, Allen W. Heinemann, Nan Rothrock, David Cella, on behalf of the PROMIS Cooperative Group

01-09-2010 | Uitgave 7/2010

Relevant content for a patient-reported outcomes questionnaire for use in oncology clinical practice: Putting doctors and patients on the same page

Claire F. Snyder, Roxanne E. Jensen, Gail Geller, Michael A. Carducci, Albert W. Wu

01-09-2010 | Uitgave 7/2010

The Work Instability Scale for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA-WIS): Does it work in osteoarthritis?

Kenneth Tang, Dorcas E. Beaton, Diane Lacaille, Monique A. M. Gignac, Wei Zhang, Aslam H. Anis, Claire Bombardier, Canadian Arthritis Network Work Productivity Group

01-09-2010 | Uitgave 7/2010

New Australian population scoring coefficients for the old version of the SF-36 and SF-12 health status questionnaires

Graeme Tucker, Robert Adams, David Wilson

01-09-2010 | Erratum | Uitgave 7/2010

Erratum to: New Australian population scoring coefficients for the old version of the SF-36 and SF-12 health status questionnaires

Graeme Tucker, Robert Adams, David Wilson

01-09-2010 | Uitgave 7/2010

The internal consistency and construct validity of the partners in health scale: validation of a patient rated chronic condition self-management measure

John Petkov, Peter Harvey, Malcolm Battersby

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