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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 7/2009

Uitgave 7/2009

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01-09-2009 | Uitgave 7/2009

PatientViewpoint: a website for patient-reported outcomes assessment

Claire F. Snyder, Roxanne Jensen, S. Orion Courtin, Albert W. Wu, Website for Outpatient QOL Assessment Research Network

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 7/2009

Predicting EQ-5D utility scores from the 25-item National Eye Institute Vision Function Questionnaire (NEI-VFQ 25) in patients with age-related macular degeneration

Nalin Payakachat, Kent H. Summers, Andreas M. Pleil, Matthew M. Murawski, Joseph Thomas III, Kristofer Jennings, James G. Anderson

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 7/2009

The concurrent validity and responsiveness of the health utilities index (HUI 3) among patients with advanced HIV/AIDS

Bohdan Nosyk, Huiying Sun, Nick Bansback, Daphne P. Guh, Xin Li, Paul Barnett, Ahmed Bayoumi, Susan Griffin, Vilija Joyce, Mark Holodniy, Doug K. Owens, Aslam H. Anis

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 7/2009

Quality of life from the perspective of adolescents with cerebral palsy: “I just think I’m a normal kid, I just happen to have a disability”

Keiko Shikako-Thomas, Lucy Lach, Annette Majnemer, Jodie Nimigon, Kelti Cameron, Michael Shevell

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 7/2009

Quality of life in Serbian patients with Parkinson’s disease

Ljubomir Žiropađa, Elka Stefanova, Aleksandra Potrebić, Vladimir S. Kostić

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 7/2009

Psychosocial adaptation status and health-related quality of life among older Chinese adults with visual disorders

Chong-Wen Wang, Cecilia L. W. Chan

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 7/2009 Open Access

Quality of life of palliative chemotherapy naive patients with advanced adenocarcinoma of the stomach or esophagogastric junction treated with irinotecan combined with 5-fluorouracil and folinic acid: results of a randomised phase III trial

Desmond Curran, Carmelo Pozzo, Jerzy Zaluski, Magdalena Dank, Carlo Barone, Vahur Valvere, Suayib Yalcin, Christian Peschel, Miklós Wenczl, Erdem Goker, Roland Bugat

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 7/2009

Measuring pain in the context of homelessness

Rebecca Matter, Susan Kline, Karon F. Cook, Dagmar Amtmann

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 7/2009 Open Access

Development of physical and mental health summary scores from the patient-reported outcomes measurement information system (PROMIS) global items

Ron D. Hays, Jakob B. Bjorner, Dennis A. Revicki, Karen L. Spritzer, David Cella

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 7/2009

Building PROMIS item banks: librarians as co-investigators

Mary Klem, Ester Saghafi, Rebecca Abromitis, Angela Stover, Mary Amanda Dew, Paul Pilkonis

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 7/2009 Open Access

Readability estimates for commonly used health-related quality of life surveys

Sylvia H. Paz, Honghu Liu, Marie N. Fongwa, Leo S. Morales, Ron D. Hays

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 7/2009 Open Access

Development of a battery of instruments for detailed measurement of health status in patients with COPD in routine care: the Nijmegen Clinical Screening Instrument

Jeannette Bernadette Peters, Leonie Daudey, Yvonne F. Heijdra, Johan Molema, P. N. Richard Dekhuijzen, Jan H. Vercoulen

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 7/2009

Confirmatory and exploratory factor analysis of the caregiver quality of life index-cancer with Turkish samples

Zeynep C. Ozer, Mehmet Z. Firat, Hicran A. Bektas

01-09-2009 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 7/2009

Italian translation of the Manchester-Oxford Foot Questionnaire, with re-assessment of reliability and validity

Andrea Marinozzi, Nicolò Martinelli, Manlio Panascì, Francesco Cancilleri, Edoardo Franceschetti, Bruno Vincenzi, Alberto Di Martino, Vincenzo Denaro

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 7/2009

Psychometric validation of two patient-reported outcome measures to assess symptom severity and changes in symptoms in hereditary angioedema

Margaret K. Vernon, Anne M. Rentz, Kathleen W. Wyrwich, Martha V. White, Aurelie Grienenberger

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 7/2009

Reliability and validity of an instrument for assessing patients’ perceptions about medications for diabetes: the PAM-D

Patrick O. Monahan, Kathleen A. Lane, Risa P. Hayes, Colleen A. McHorney, David G. Marrero

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