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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 4/2007

Inhoudsopgave (16 Artikelen)


Factors associated with health-related quality of life among hemodialysis patients in the DOPPS

Antonio Alberto Lopes, Jennifer L. Bragg-Gresham, David A. Goodkin, Shunichi Fukuhara, Donna L. Mapes, Eric W. Young, Brenda W. Gillespie, Tadao Akizawa, Roger N. Greenwood, Vittorio E. Andreucci, Takashi Akiba, Philip J. Held, Friedrich K. Port

Original Paper

Factors affecting health-related quality of life in women with recurrent breast cancer in Korea

Myung Kyung Lee, Byung Ho Son, Sook Yeon Hwang, Wonshik Han, Jung-Hyun Yang, Seeyoun Lee, Young Ho Yun

Original Paper

Health-related quality of life in HIV-1-infected patients on HAART: a five-years longitudinal analysis accounting for dropout in the APROCO-COPILOTE cohort (ANRS CO-8)

Camelia Protopopescu, Fabienne Marcellin, Bruno Spire, Marie Préau, Renaud Verdon, Dominique Peyramond, François Raffi, Geneviève Chêne, Catherine Leport, Maria-Patrizia Carrieri

Original Paper

What drives older women’s perceptions of health-related quality of life?

Cara Tannenbaum, Sara Ahmed, Nancy Mayo

Research Article

Psychological acceptance and quality of life in the elderly

Jodie Butler, Joseph Ciarrochi

Original Paper

Burden of restless legs syndrome on health-related quality of life

Clete Kushida, Marie Martin, Prashant Nikam, Bonnie Blaisdell, Gene Wallenstein, Luigi Ferini-Strambi, John E. Ware Jr

Open Access Original Paper

The role of coping strategies in quality of life of adolescents with asthma

Monique O. M. Van De Ven, Rutger C. M. E. Engels, Susan M. Sawyer, Roy Otten, Regina J. J. M. Van Den Eijnden

Original Paper

The SF36 Version 2: critical analyses of population weights, scoring algorithms and population norms

Graeme Hawthorne, Richard H. Osborne, Anne Taylor, Jan Sansoni

Original Paper

The Affectometer 2: a measure of positive mental health in UK populations

Ruth Tennant, Stephen Joseph, Sarah Stewart-Brown

Original Paper

Twelve years–experience with the Patient Generated Index (PGI) of quality of life: a graded structured review

Faith Martin, Laura Camfield, Karen Rodham, Petra Kliempt, Danny Ruta