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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 1/2003

Uitgave 1/2003

Inhoudsopgave ( 11 Artikelen )

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

Quality of life and coping with schizophrenia symptoms

M. Ritsner, I. Ben-Avi, A. Ponizovsky, I. Timinsky, E. Bistrov, I. Modai

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

Adjusting distributions of the Health Utilities Index Mark 3 utility scores of health-related quality of life

Jian Sun

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

Factors that contribute to quality of life outcomes prioritised by people with multiple sclerosis

Maggie Somerset, Tim J Peters, Deborah J Sharp, Rona Campbell

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

Psychometric characteristics of the General Well-Being Schedule (GWB) with African–American women

J.E. Taylor, W.S. Carlos Poston II, C. Keith Haddock, G.L. Blackburn, D. Heber, S.B. Heymsfield, J.P. Foreyt

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

The mediating role of optimism on post-radiation quality of life in nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Clara L.M. Yu, Richard Fielding, Cecilia L.W. Chan

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

Quality of life and menopausal transition for middle-aged women on Kinmen island

J.-L. Fuh, S.-J. Wang, S.-J. Lee, S.-R. Lu, K.-D. Juang

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

Development of the Cystic Fibrosis Questionnaire (CFQ) for assessing quality of life in pediatric and adult patients

Bernadette Henry, Pierre Aussage, Cécile Grosskopf, Jean-Marie Goehrs

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

The revised German Cystic Fibrosis Questionnaire: Validation of a disease-specific health-related quality of life instrument

Kerstin Wenninger, Pierre Aussage, Ulrich Wahn, Doris Staab

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

Validity and reliability of the EQ-5D self-report questionnaire in English-speaking Asian patients with rheumatic diseases in Singapore

N. Luo, L.H. Chew, K.Y. Fong, D.R. Koh, S.C. Ng, K.H. Yoon, S. Vasoo, S.C. Li, J. Thumboo

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

Quality of life in patients of nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Validation of the Taiwan Chinese version of the EORTC QLQ-C30 and the EORTC QLQ-H&N35

W.-C. Chie, R.-L. Hong, C.-C. Lai, L.-L. Ting, M.-M. Hsu

01-02-2003 | Instructions for Authors | Uitgave 1/2003

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